I am my wife’s sissy and she now fucks my best friend


My wife knew from the beginning that I was a cross dresser in privet most of my life. We could talk about anything to each other and always came to an agreement no mater what the issue was. I am an average hung male and my cock size has never been an issue with my wife or for any one else that I dated before my wife. Over the years my cross dressing reached the point where I was dressing whenever at home and always wearing panties. In fact I did not own any male underwear all. We introduced my cross dressing into out many sexual games we played over the years. She even had my cock in chastity many times over the years for up to three months. No one other than her knew about my cross dressing and panty wearing, not even our closest friends. She would play the dominant one and would do her best to humiliate me at any coast in the privacy of our home. So when she started calling me a sissy it was all in good fun. Then it became the term used to refer to me and became the normal phrase used by her. This was again only between the two of us when we where alone so I never minded it. After all that is what I was in the privacy of our home.

We had friends that we did things with and sometimes went on vacations with but again nothing was known about my being a “sissy”. Then one day my wife sat me down and told me that we needed to talk. She told me that she had a lover she had been seeing. Now knowing this, hurt me badly as you could imagine. When I found out that it was one of my best friends almost killed me. Then I found out that she had broken our secret and told him about me being a “sissy”. That was the finial nail in my coffin as I never thought she would have ever done that, let alone cheat on me. She told me that Don knows all about you being a sissy and that she was not going to leave me as long as we agreed on several things.

One was that she wanted Don to come over and all three of us where to sit down and talk things over like adults. So after several days thinking it over I agreed to it. I was feeling ill when the time came for Don to arrive and talk things out amongst our selves. I had not seen or talked to him since I found out about their affair. Don showed up and she met him at the door and they came into the living room where I was already sitting. I said nothing to Don as he entered and sat down, at that point my wife started the conversation. I thought I was going to die as she started out by saying. Don knows that your my fulltime sissy and you will continue to be one which he is fine with.

I will stay with you as long as you agree to three more things. One – you will stay as the sissy which you enjoy being and will do as your told. Two – that I would not have intercourse with her ever again. Three –  that I had to admit that Don’s cock was better for her than mine and that my wife was allowed to continue having sex with him when ever they chose to do so. Don and I still had not said anything yet, then she told Don to show me. Show me what I thought to myself. Don stood and dropped his pants reveling his massive cock.


Seeing his big cock I knew why my wife wanted to continue having sex with Don. His cock was way nicer than mine and he was not even hard yet. “I never told them but he did have a nice manly cock, and I could see why she wanted to continue screwing him”. I was allowed to think things over for one week then she wanted an answer. I agreed to all she asked for after thinking it over. Don and I do not talk much since I am not allowed to say anything when the two of them are together unless asked something. I am dressed like a maid and serve them with what ever they ask for which is mostly food and drinks. I am in chastity when ever Don is present so I don’t become erect for what ever reasons.

We have been doing this for some time now and the arrangement as far as I am concerned is working out well. I am cross dressed fulltime now which I like. My wife threw out any male clothing I still had and has been teaching me how to be passable by having me do my own makeup, hair, wearing breast enhancers along with other girly things. My wife is very understanding of my needs and she is having her needs full filled as well making her very happy. Don gets all the pussy he wants and seems to stay over night with her almost all the time now days. I am now relocated to the guest bedroom which Don paid to have it re-done in pink for me. I have not had sex with my wife since finding out about the two of them, but she is happier with what she is getting anyway. We all seem to be doing fine.

Wife’s Sissy Maid.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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