Neo male white boi.

“These notes are about how I decided to become a neo male and black owned”.


When I met my wife I new she had black friends and she hung out with them more than the white crowd. I also had a couple of black friends but since she hung with her group so did I. Over time we married and during one of our talks I told her that I wanted to see her get fucked buy some one. She was all for it so we decided on one of her black friends and arranged it to happen at our place on a Saturday evening. When he arrived he had two other guys with him. Now both my wife and I knew all three of these guys but we had only invited one over for the sexual encounter. He had told the other two guys that wanted some of the action also. My wife finally agreed to it and I was fine with it from the start. The rules where set and all agreed to them which where, no hurting her, no hitting, and I was not allowed to join in.

I just watched as all three took turns on my wife. They each had her pussy filled with their big cock at least three times. She gave hand jobs and sucked their meat for over three hours until she was exhausted. I had an erection during the whole thing and was impressed that all three had good stamina and big cocks compared to me. Once the evening ended we discuss it between the two of us. She was as impressed with their big cocks as much as I was and told me that she may be stretched out from their cocks. I had sex with her three days after giving her some heeling time. She had indeed been stretched some but after a week she felt back to normal.

She talked about it quite a bit over the next few weeks and want to know if I was up to watching her take all three of them on again. I became erect just hearing her say it and told her to feel my crotch, so she did and asked why was I hard? Why do you think I said. Because I want their cocks again she asked? Yes, that is what turns me on watching you being used by them and having their big meat in your little pussy. Well she said, then it is settled we will invite them over this Saturday for another gang bang session. This took place just as we had planned and they all three enjoyed it also. We talked about it some more the next day. I pointed out how much bigger each guys cock was compared to mine. She reassured me that mine was just fine in size. I however knew better that mine did not come close to their cocks. I told her that I was alright with her having them fuck her when ever she wanted it as long as I could watch. Needless to say this turned into a regular thing over the next several months.

One day we where invited to there club house down in the part of the town we never went. They met us and took us their to meet “The Family” and to make sure we made it alright. There where thirteen black males and five black women, most where playing cards the rest talking amongst them selves with one girl dancing by her self. My wife and I where the only white people their. Feeling a bit uncomfortable one offered us a drink which they made very strong. We sat and sipped them as the women talked to my wife. One of the guys seemed to keep watching me and I asked about him. I was assured everything was cool and that few white boys ever are allowed here. Then he walked over and said, I here your bitch likes gang bangs and you sit and watch that shit. The room was quiet other than the music as all where watching. I was scared but managed to say yes. He asked what was with you, are you a little dick white boy like all the rest? Well yes, I am I said. So you let the brothers fuck her while you watch? Yes…well when do we get to have a turn on her? Would you like to see all of us do her in front of yea he asked? Well no… where just here to visit. Visit? What the hell you mean visit boy? I want your little wife’s pussy what you say to that? I looked at my wife and she was looking at me as if to say…well can I. Looking back at him I said go for it.

Thinking they would go into the other room to do it, but no he pulled his cock out right there. Now his cock made the other three guys that do her look normal. He had what I called a big monster cock and he stuck it in front of her face. With out any hesitation she put her mouth around it and started to suck as we all watched. His cock was so big and heavy it only would get half erect but my wife did all she could to keep it hard. After I don’t know how long he unloaded his cum in her mouth. The amount was more than she could gobble down and the rest went all over her face and clothes. He turned to me and asked if I liked what I saw? Yes, nice cock I said… I don’t know why I said that, it just came out. Yea dam right it is, who’s next he asked and four others lined up as my wife stood up pulling off her top and dropped her pants. Laying back in the chair the first cock was in her right away pumping his meat in her as most of the rest went back to doing what they where doing before every thing stopped. My wife was moaning and carrying on over the large cock inside her with all kinds of moaning. They all acted as if nothing out of the normal was happing, by this time my wife had a cock in each hand jacking them off as one kept fucking her. I could not help but watch in amazement as my wife did her beast to satisfy all four cocks.

When they finished with her she lay their naked completely drained. The first guy asked how I liked the show, it seems that your wife was okay with it. I was speechless at this point and never expected this to have taken place. Well did it turn you on he asked? As I was stammering to get out words he told me to drop my pants. I was stunned and asked what? Drop your pants he told me or we will do it for you. I did as told and my small cock stood straight up as the whole room broke out in laughter. Holy shit that is a little cuck, I see why you have the brothers fuck her. Your little dick could never keep her happy. I could feel my face turn red to the point of being light headed. Then he told me to cover my phatic little thing up. My wife lay still naked smiling at me as I hurried to pulled my pants back up. Then the big guy said, you have a good bitch their and your welcome to bring her over any time. The brothers seem to like her and she obviously enjoys the cock.

She slowly stood up and walked over to get a towel to wipe herself off. I could see cum running down both the insides of her legs as she walked naked. Nice little ass on you bitch one said as he followed her and groped her tits as she tried to towel off. Yea your alright bitch you need cock don’t you he asked her? Yes she said, how often can I come visit? When ever you want baby when ever you want. She finished cleaning up and seemed to like parading around naked as she took her time getting dressed as they chatted. Once dressed we got up to leave and where told to come back next weekend. You too white boi he said as we left.

Once back home I asked her if she knew this was going to happen and she claimed she didn’t. She did tell me that she enjoyed it and wanted to go back next weekend. I was not so eager but she talked me into it. Over time we all became friends but not as close as they where to my wife. She was basically their slut to fuck the whole time she was their. Usually there where only six or seven guys that hung out their.  I mostly sat and watched until one day I was ordered to strip naked. Then told to clean up the mess left behind after two of them had my wife, going for a towel I was grabbed by the back of my neck and told , no you lick it up white boi. I had no choice as they heckled me with degrading names. I did not like the taste but my wife said do it or they will do you. Then told me I will get used to it, won’t he boys she asked them? Sure will that is what white bois are for one said.

That is how it all started and she was regularly visiting every week and some week days. Black cock is all she wants and gets. I am to small for her but I would get aroused  watching her being black bread and doing the cleanup. You know you do get used to the taste and I look forward to the clean up most days. The family as we refer to it as wants me to have anal sex. They want me by my wife’s side and be penetrated at the same time as she is being penetrate. I am in no way wanting to do this buy my wife thinks it will be fun and I should go along with it. I know my hole is smaller than hers and will never take cock without ripping me. My wife is instant that I let them so she started penetrating me with dildos working up in size and making me sleep with a plug every night. Slowly she worked up to bigger and bigger until I was taking a normal size dildo with no problem. Then she one night when we were in bed after she fitted me with a plug she told me this weekend you will loose your virginity. Are you excited she asked? No not really I told her. Well just think we both will be side by side getting fucked, I know you will enjoy it as much as you like cleanup time. Well I drought that I told her.

Now during this whole time she has been black bread she has been more than willing to do what ever they suggest. She seemed to be totally under their control and liked it. She did parties where she was the only naked female there. Gang bangs where the normal thing when ever she was their. Her pussy was stretched from the constant multiple fuckings she received every week. I always was present on weekends but some times she would go during the week while I worked. One day when I came home she had been with the family and she had a tattoo of a spade with a “B” in it. I asked what that meant and she proudly said she was now black owned and that I should be proud of her.  She was sweet white meat and I was white cleanup boy to them. Now I had eaten so much black cum over time that I considered myself a full blown faggot. Yes I was a faggot for black cock because I had been giving blowjobs for some time even thought they where forced on me. My wife always encouraged me to participate whenever they suggested something degrading for me to do. She seemed to enjoy my humiliation as much as they did.

So the night came and yes I was black bread also right along side my wife at the same time. When one was doing her one was doing me. After the third cock I could not take any more and needed them to stop. Their cocks where big and still stretched me. My wife told them I had to rest until next week so then I had to give blow jobs. I had five guys total and she did eight guys. We where the entertainment for the Family. They even brought others to have a turn on either one of us. My wife told me that I should think of being castrated because the Family requested it. They did not like the idea for me having my balls and living with their property.  I was like what are you talking about so she explained that her being black owned I was the threat to their property. You will have to be castrated or they will have me live their with the family. They may even do the job them selves so you need to consider it. We continued to discuss this over the next week. I have been lowered to the lowest statist I ever thought possible.

 My wife and I had come to an agreement and I was okay with the decision. I quit my job and we sold our home and our belongs. I was castrated and now live as a neo white boi that is used just like my wife is for the family’s sexual pleasures. I had not had sex with my wife in over two years any way because she wanted only black cock. We are still married but both black owned and we live with the family full time so we are always available.  I am treated like my wife is and have no say in what happens. I do suck cock and I am black bread like my wife. These notes are about how I decided to become a neo male and black owned.


Neo male white boi.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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