Boyfriend turns sissy maid for Mom.


My girl friend Cindy, has me cross dress when ever we are at home and some times when we go out. When I told her I was a part time cross dresser she did not believe me.  I had to show her to prove it  upon her insisting that I show her. She was all giddy at how slutty I dressed and how well I looked as a girl. Over the next few months she bought me other items of clothing that I did not have. One item was a maids outfit since I was unemployed she would make me wear it as I did house chores. One Saturday she wanted us to go spend the weekend with her mother. She wanted me to meet her mother “Elsa” and spent some time getting to know her.  Cindy went home and spent the weekend with her mother once a month before we even met.

Cindy told me she would pack my stuff as I got ready. She made me dress in pink lacy panties with pink pantyhose over them, then tight girl jeans with a white blouse and a pair of sandals which showed my pink stocking feet. I really didn’t want to go cross dressed to meet her mother Elsa as girl, especially since this was the first time I have ever met her. Cindy said mom knows all about you and that you like to dress like a girl. I was shocked at what Cindy had just said and stopped dead in my tracks, looking at her with disbelief. Cindy asked, you don’t believe me? Why do you think I had you dress this way to shame you? Come on she knows all about you, it will be fine. She accepts you for who you are.
Once we arrived I was to scared to get out of the car, but Cindy insisted or she would just go get her mother and explain why I was still in the car. I got out and walked real slow towards the front door, feeling like I was going to get sick.  I told Cindy how I felt and she reassured me it was all right. I walked in with mixed feelings then her mother appeared from the kitchen. Mom this is Tim or as I call him Tamie when he is dressed like a girl. Her mom looked at me with a big smile saying, hi Tamie!  I could feel my face turn red as I said hi Elsa back, then she continued to say how lovely I look and how nice an outfit I had on. Cindy said, see I told you she knew all about you. Cindy’s mom turned to her saying that Steve was going to stop by to see her. Her mother told him that Cindy would be home for the weekend. I did not think much about what she had said but Cindy was happy to here Steve was coming over.
We both went out to the car and brought our bags in taking them to the guest room where we would be staying.  We where sitting around the table when Elsa asked me some very personal questions that surprised me, she asked if I liked guys also? I told her no and she asked me why? Before I could answer she said that there was nothing wrong with it. Then she continued by saying that if I would give it a chance I may find it very appealing. Not knowing what to say at that point I could tell she was a very open minded person which set me at ease with her.  Then there was a knock at the front door. Her mom told Cindy it would be Steve and she should go answer the door. I was told by Elsa to go freshen up and I was happy to do so. I did not want to go back out if another man was there.
I could here Elsa calling me and as I stepped out of the bathroom she was right there to meet me. She asked if I would like to come out and meet Steve? With my head down I told Elsa I rather not dressed like this. Elsa said that they were in the living room but maybe we should go into the bedroom and do your hair would you like that? I said sure “anything so Steve didn’t see me dressed like I was” Elsa told me to sit in front of the vanity. Her mom was asking me when I started to dress as a girl so I started at the beginning. While talking what seemed like a long time Elsa had given me a nice hair due. Elsa asked me if I would like for her to put some makeup on me. A little reluctant but not wanting to see Steve dress like this I agreed to it. Elsa applied some blush, eye shadow, eye liner, and lip stick. When she spun the chair around so I could see myself in the mirror, I could hardly recognized myself. I looked good and like a real girl.
Then Elsa told me we should unpack and put my things away. So I opened up my bag and laid things on the bed as Elsa picked them up looking at them and commenting on each item. I didn’t know that Cindy was going to pack most all of my slutty clothing that I wore around the house back home. Once most of the close where put away she told me that I needed to change out of what I was wearing. She picked out my black fishnet stockings, lacy black panties,  black bra, lacy see threw top with a see threw mini skirt, a black corset, and open toed high heels and a black scarf. Elsa told me to get dressed while she went to get some of her jewelry. Once dressed and the jewelry was added I looked like a high class hooker, but I liked the look. I could feel my cock getting stiff but Elsa could not see it. Lets go out to the kitchen Tamie, Elsa said and have some coffee.  Feeling about as good as I looked I forgot about Steve and Cindy for a bit and agreed.
When we recanted the kitchen it came to me that Steve and Cindy where in the living room still talking. However I heard no voices so I moved around in the kitchen checking to see if I could see them in there. Elsa saw what I was doing and as she set out the cups said they where not in there if I cared to go in and sit. I told her that I would and she said she would bring the coffee in and I was to go ahead in and make myself comfortable. Elsa came in with the coffee soon after and I asked where Cindy and Steve where? She told me that both of them where in Cindy’s bed room. I thought that was strange and asked Elsa what where they doing in there? Elsa looked at me with a puzzled look and asked, you don’t know? Know what I asked? Well Steve comes over to have sex with Cindy every time she is here. I thought Cindy was going to tell you about it. No…she never said anything about it as I was to the point of tearing up. Elsa told me not to cry or my makeup would run and make a mess as she handed me some tissue. Blot she told me don’t wipe or you will smear it.
How long has this been going on and why didn’t she tell me about Steve. Well Tamie, Cindy likes you a lot but your a sissy girl not a man. Your so small that she can’t get pleasure from your short cummings Elsa told me. Steve is all man and giver Cindy what every women needs and satisfies her very much. Has Cindy told you any thing about why she brought you down here this weekend. I was told it was to meet you Elsa and that was all. I was feeling very sick to my tummy at this point and told Elsa so. Well there is more to it than that Tamie, so just relax and you will be fine. She continued on with, since your a sissy Cindy thinks you would make a nice house maid for me. See I am looking for one and would like someone to do house chores for me I know you could do the job. There are some changes that I would insist on, but before she could continue both Cindy and Steve came in.
Steve looking right at me asked who I was and I could see by his expression he liked what he saw. Elsa introduced me as Tamie to Steve and by the way he acted I knew he had no Idea that I was a guy. Cindy said that I looked lovely today as if she had not seen me in a while. Elsa asked them if they would like some coffee? Both saying yes and sitting down on the couch side by side Elsa asked me to go bring the pot of coffee in with two more cups. Now my heart was pounding because I knew Steve would be looking at me dressed like a slut with my see through dress. I remembered that he thought I was a girl so I thought maybe it was time to flaunt myself since I was looking hot. Then Cindy could see how he reacted to me dressed sexy as I was and see his reaction. I thought he was going to cum in his jeans as his jaw dropped when I stood up and Cindy was all smiles. Steve said wow your dressed to the nines today what is the occasion he asked? Knowing he was looking at my see threw dress at my panties I stood with one knee bent as in fem style with one hand on my hip. I replied that I was checking on a job that Elsa was offering me. Then left swinging my hips a little as in seduction knowing very well he was watching my every move.
Once Steve left Cindy told me how hot I looked and I asked her why didn’t she tell me about Steve. I didn’t think you would understand and I knew it would hurt you very much. I was crying now and my makeup was a mess as she continued to explain. Cindy told me that I make a better girl than I ever did a man and since I enjoyed being a girl I should embrace it. This doesn’t mean I care for you any less I just think you need to live like the girl you are inside and working for mom would give you that chance. No one around here knows you and you could be the beautiful girl you are. By the way you did look stunning today before you messed your makeup. So from that point on I worked for Elsa as her house keeper and dressed the part.
 I of coarse had to commit to Elsa’s changes she insisted on. They where as followed, I had to dress totally as fem, learn how to do my makeup, hair and nails. Keep all hair completely shaved off other than what was on the top of my head. Lastly be chastised full time which was the hardest to get used to. I have now been doing this job for two years and have adjusted to it. Steve and Cindy still stop buy and has sex one weekend every month like she always has and I clean the room after she leaves. Steve knows I am a sissy and rarely says anything to me. I think he is embarrassed about eyeballing me thinking I was so hot before knowing I was a guy. I am happy that things turned out like they did and thanked Elsa and Cindy for my new life as a sissy maid.
Sissy Maid Tamie
“SM” Sissy Maker

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