Cucky Boyfriend

I caught my girlfriend screwing other guys several times. Not that I saw her in the act but she would come home full of some one else’s cum. She then confessed and told me she could not help it. She told me she was a cock slut and always wanted cock. I told her that I was going to put her in Chasity and that would stop it. She agreed but while I was ordering a Chasity belt for her she bought a Chasity cock cage for me. Once she had it I was told if I would wear mine until hers came then she would take mine off and put hers on. I told her it was a deal this way I knew I would get her to wear hers. So I agreed to it and had her put me in Chasity.
When hers came in the mail she took it an hid it. I never knew that it came and after a month in Chasity I wanted out.  When I contacted the company I ordered  hers form they told me it was delivered some time ago. When I confronted her she laughed and said yes it came but she was not going to wear it. She told me that I was going to be stuck in mine for some time until I changed my ways. We sat down and talked things over and came to an agreement. She is allowed to have sex with who ever she wants and as often as she wishes. I have to wear my Chasity cock cage all the time and I am allowed to watch but not participate. I am allowed to stand naked while watching in only my Chasity cage.
I get so aroused watching and my cock strains in Chasity to get erect with no luck. I am allowed out one day a month and allowed to play with myself then locked back up again. The day I am let out of Chasity is determined by shaking dice. What ever number comes up is the day I am let out the next month. The dice gets rolled as soon as I am locked up again to determine the next time I am allowed out.  This is how we have done it for the past two years. I am her cuckold and learned to live with a cock slut who needs cock.
I however had the tables turned on me an I live in Chasity not her. I have accepted this so that she will stay with me. Now most of you think I am nuts and I should “as you say grow some balls” and let her go but I can’t. I like watching her have sex and some of the guys really have big cocks which I really like watching their cock stretch her hole. If I roll all sixes I am allowed to have sex with her right after her lover leaves. This I enjoy very much using her already filled pussy full of warm cum. That is the best sex I have ever had and I have been lucky enough to have this three times already.
Cucky Boy
“SM” Sissy Maker

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