Sperm Slurper


I am a guy who made some good stock investments that turned out to pay off handsomely. My life which I enjoy very much is one of leisure, fitness and pleasure. I have a very hot girlfriend who I had been dating for over eighteen months who also lives with me and enjoys the nicer things in life. Do to some legal decisions I have made my fiancé the primary owner of my wealth. I was okay with this dission because we where planning our wedding which was going to be in a few months.

Now since we did not do anything other than enjoy life we both had some wild sex that we enjoyed. She enjoyed being dominant and I did not mind being the submissive one as I enjoyed being humiliated in these sessions which we played out weekly. She had one fetish which I had a hard time swallowing literally. She has been insist on me eat my own sperm. She calls it sperm rather than semen because it sounds more vulgar which she likes.  She would masturbate me then catch it and try to feed it to me. This took several try’s before I would even open my mouth but when she squeezed my balls I opened and she put it in my mouth.

By the end of the two weeks I had become some what used to the taste so I did it all on my own as she watched. This Impressed her with my accepting to eat my sperm. She had been holding out on letting me have sex until I would eat it. Since I finally did what she wanted she let me have sex with her for the first time in three weeks. Once I climaxed I was ordered to lick her pussy clean of all the mess I left. If I chose not to then sex would be with held for an undetermined amount of time. So like a starving dog I lapped every bit I could find out of her sweet love hole. During the week I was only allowed to lick her pussy which was always real wet which I looked forward to.

From that point on it was the only way I could have intercourse with her. As soon as we finished I had to go down on her and lick her clean of my own sperm. She had a name for me that she used to humiliate me at every chance she could. She called me a “Sperm Slurper” and would laugh at me as I licked my own juices from her lovely pussy. this was  how sex was for the next several months until the wedding day came.  I was looking forward to having sex with my wife that night. When I made my move to have sex with her she told me we needed to talk. I was thinking why now when it was time to consummate out marriage.

That is when she dropped the bomb on me, she told me that I really was inadequate for her to get any real sexual pleasure from my small cock. That is why she always had me lick her clean after sex so she could have some pleasure. I reassured her I would continue to lick her clean of my cum after sex. Well that is not what she was thinking of so I asked what was it? I was told that she need a guy with a big cock for regular sex if our marriage was going to work at all. Now you can imagine how I felt and what was going through my head but then I thought why had she not said something before we married? So I asked her just that and she came over and caressed my cheek. She than sat down in front of me and looked into my eyes and said, well I thought you would not approve so I have not said anything until now but I guess it is time you knew.

Ted your best friend that stood up for you tonight…he and I have been sexually involved since you introduced him to me.

He has been fucking me every day while your gone to the fitness center to do whatever you do there for hours. He is your best friend so don’t be mad at him for your lack of ability to satisfying my needs. He was doing this all for you so we would stay together or I would have left you soon after we met. Still smiling she told me, you have been eating his sperm for some time now sperm slurper. You seem to enjoy it and always was so eager to lick my wet pussy so I never said anything. Besides he has a nice cock and he knows how to use it so well. I expect you will encourage him to continue screwing me so I continue to have some sexual satisfaction!

Now I was about to lose it and tell her that the marriage was off then go kick the shit out of Ted. Before I could say anything she told me that if I was thinking of a divorce or retaliation of any kind I should remember who now owned everything.  Looking down at the floor with a million thoughts going through my mind she told me to call Ted to our room and we could all spend some time together. Feeling sick to my stomach I called Ted to come and join us in our room like she wanted. When he entered I looked at him and he knew I was pissed. He knew I knew what was going on by my expression.  He said he was sorry, but before I exploded at him, he suggested that I keep her happy so she don’t take everything I had worked for. I was numb at this point when my beautiful hot wife walked out of the bathroom wearing only her wedding garter belt and nylons nothing else. Walking over to Ted giving him a big kiss on the lips and grabbing his cock through his slacks. Lets get this party started she said as she turned to me saying you can clean me when Ted is done fucking me. Do as I tell you baby and everything will be ok.

That was four years ago and we are still married and Ted still fucks her every week. I am still the sperm slurper that licks her clean when they are done. I even clean Ted’s cock off and I give him blow jobs from time to time which he tells me I am good at. My wife enjoys watching me suck Teds cock and taking his load down my throat.  My hot wife is happy that everything has worked out for all of us. Ted and I get along ok but closer sexually, he keeps teasing me that he is going to fuck me some time. I feel I have been fucked big time by him but accept what has happened. After all it has been my fault for going along with it all. However I am a good cock sucker and pussy cleaner my wife says. Something I have not told either one of them is that enjoy it now.

“Sperm Slurper”

“SM” Sissy Maker


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