Fanticy play turns into life reality.


I married my wife some seven years ago and she had kind of a dominant side to her but I never let her dominate me. I was a man from day one and did not believe in female domination at least not dominating me. Over the years sex become the same vanilla thing with nothing exciting. We loved each other and communicated real well so we decided to try some fanatics that she had dreamt up. I told her right out I was not going to be doing fag things so don’t even go there. She stared out with different sex positions which was good for a while then it became old so she kept coming up with different ideas. They where mostly things she had read about and we would try them out. She never pushed me to do anything I did not want to do, so if I said no she would suggest something else.

Slowly over time I guess I started getting relaxed or getting into what ever she suggested. I never noticed what she slowly incorporated into our sex acts. The changes where so subtle I never thought twice about most of what we where trying or doing. Everything seemed not that kinky or odd so I went with it. Looking back I see that it took several years to get where we are today. We bought some B & D equipment over time and started using it. Then she wanted to play Mistress slave, even though normally it was Master with her being slave. I went along with it since she had always been the sex slave, it was time for another change so I gave in. Then one time she wanted to cuff me and tie me up instead of her being the one tied up. Like I said over time she managed to change me into doing what she wanted.

Playing different situations became normal to us because we did it all the time . Next thing I know she had me playing the sissy or what I think was the sissy more and more. Before long she included chastity and climax denial for me. She was in total control most all the time.  This had become so normal I never really noticed the subtle changes that took place, now when I look back they where significant in all. So she has me as her sissy and dominating me when it hits me what she has turned me into. I start to complain but in reality I had let it go on for far too long. Standing naked in chastity was not the position I should have been in trying to protest. I was told that for my non compliance to her whishes I could look for a longer time in chastity.

I tried to become the man that I once was but she had broke me. She now was in control and I was so dumb that I let her with out realizing it. She had me as her sissy, cock locked and regularly strapped down to a punishment table. Then I noticed that when I came home from work she was not home other times when she was home she was the person in charge. I wanting to get my cock unlocked so I did what ever she wanted to achieve my cock freedom. She kept leading me on telling me that if I did this or that she would let my cock out. Then when I  was strapped down to the punishment table she removed my cock lock. My cock sprang to an erection as the cock lock came off.

My ass was sticking out so she could do whatever she wanted. When I saw the huge dildo she brought around in front of me I began to plead and cry since I had never been penetrated before. This monster was going to tare my ass open if she inserted it. While she lubed it up in front of my face all I could do was beg her to not go through with it. She laughed and said your getting it weather you want it or not. Then she called someone and said “it’s time” not knowing what that was about but soon found out. Someone came in and now was coming down the steps. This was a very tall and macular person as he descended into the basement.

Hello Ryan she said to the stranger as he stood in the door way looking at us. She walked over and caressed his cock through his jeans and gave him a big kiss. Then she turned towards me and said, Dave this is my lover Ryan and he has a massive cock. She then told Ryan to show me his cock and he dropped his jeans and their stood a man with the biggest cock I have ever seen. Then she told him to put his cock in my mouth and I was going to have none of that so I clamed up tight. Grabbing my nose he lifted my head and rest his cock on my lips. When I took my next breath he slid it in my mouth and down my throat gagging me until I puked. Then reinserted it as I gaged on it trying to catch a breath, when it was removed I gasp and gasp for air then he repeated it. My wife stood smiling and giggling as I struggled for breaths of air. Crying now I begged for him to stop but that only made him persist. My wife told me to relax and suck it like the cock whore she was turning me into. Eventually I did managed to relax enough as she said and sucked his big cock.

That was the first of many cock sucking’s I have administered to Ryan’s massive meat. I have been slowly getting my ass stretched when strapped in the punishment table so one day I can accommodate his large cock. My cock is locked other than when I am strapped down. I am her sex slave for her lover basically as I never have sex with her any more. Ryan on the other hand fucks her all the time and makes me watch. I am a sissy now but I had no choice, I was forced after our fantasies got carried away. She wanted more and more and achieved it on her terms by manipulating me to do what she wanted. Be carful what you go along with, this could become you one day. Their is no turning back for me, I am a cock sucking sissy for my wife’s pleasures now.

Cock Locked Dave

“SM” Sissy Maker


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