Susie’s Birthday


I woke up to my wife saying get up we don’t have all day. I got up and it was seven AM on the dot and was told to get my ass in the shower and make sure all my body hair was removed for todays outing. I was still half asleep walking towards the bathroom when she smacked my ass hard saying get a move on. I picked up speed and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. Once I had my body shaved and used Nair hair remover for the rest I stepped out of the shower and dried off. My wife walked by the open bathroom door and told me to make sure that I powdered my whole body good.

I did as she said and announced that “I was ready”. That was the point when she always came in and inspected me to see if I was de-haired and clean enough for her liking. I bent over for the glove inspection when she put her rubber glove on and sticks a figure up may ass and then with draws it. She then sniffed it to see if there is any odor. If their is I have to suck the stink off the rubber gloved finger then I get and ass whopping and I have to re-shower.

Today I passed with her saying to her self which size should I impale you with today as she looked over her selection of different size anal plugs. I think this one will make you wiggle your ass nicely as she lubed the smaller ass stopper getting it ready for insertion. “This is the biggest I can get in as of now it has a 2 – 1/2 inch base. This took about one or two minutes but she planted it in my ass after my whimpering and crying in pain the whole time it was being inserted.

Once inserted she stepped back and said there as she took pleasure in getting it all in my ass. I could hardly stand up straight as she told me to get my lingerie on she had laid out on my bed. I wiggled my filled ass into my room as she followed me saying “nice wiggle and you better keep it wiggling or I will put a bigger plug in” and proceded to dress as she stood in the door way telling me what she had planned for today.

For your birthday today we will go shopping for those frilly panties with ruffles that you like. Then if your real good I will let you pick out some new lingerie. I see you like that thought but you better keep that dicklet from sticking up like it is. Remember to apply a lot of pettier soft before pulling your panties up. I think today we will have you fitted for a chastity cage for your little thing to keep it under control. I whimpered at the words she had just said. She then informed me it was for my own benefit to have it locked up so it didn’t get hard.

Once I was ready we left to go shopping and while we where heading to pick up items for me she asked. Would you like to have a man to play with you tonight for your birthday? I have Rob coming over for your birthday tonight, you should like that. Now Rob has the biggest cock I have ever seen, he is why my ass plug is as big as it is.  I knew that he was going to fuck me since he liked hearing me scream in pain from his huge cock entering me. Once a minute or two passed from his fucking me my ass stretched enough to where it quit hurting.

My wife loved watching him fuck me as she sat and watched cheering him on and humiliating me with her obscenities. She always kept point out how hard my cock was as Rob was fucking me. She would say I see you still like it, your nubbin is sticking straight up. Then after about five to ten minutes of him ridding me he would tens up and I will feel him explode inside me. Now when he climaxes I automatically squirt my little load. I have to lick my semen up as soon as he pulls his cock out of me.

Once we reached the store and found the ruffle panties I took them up and paid for them then off to the lingerie store for a few new items that I was allowed to pick out. New garter in purple, matching panties and bra. I even picked up two sexy teddies. I thought we where heading home when she told me that it was time to get fitted for a chastity cage. We stopped at some kind of leather shop and once we entered she told the female attendant she was looking for Bill. She went into the back returning with an older gentleman. He told us to come into the back of the store.

I was ordered to take my skirt off and pull of my panties as he watched. My cocklit jumped to attention at the stranger looking at it. My wife said, see that is what I was telling you, we need it chastised. The shop owner reached for a jar and then sat down telling me to stand before him. He then fondled my cocklit commenting how small it was. He then opened the jar and smeared a labial amount of save on my cock and balls. This made my dick even harder as he proceeded to slowly masturbate my cock as he talked to my wife.


He told her that the smallest chastity he had should do the job and wanted to know if he should put a urethra tube in my cock. My wife said no not at this point but maybe later. Then he stopped pulling on my cock and asked if she wanted it pierced for a ring which thankfully she turned down that offer also. By this time he had dried off his hands and was showing her the cage and how it worked. He then came over and sat down to apply the chastity cage.  My dick had gone limp by this time and he had no problem putting it on and snapping the lock shut. He then dangled the two keys in front of me saying. You better be good or she may throw these away with a big smile on his face.

My wife settled up with him as I got dressed noting how much heavier my cock felt in my panties. Well that should do it he said as he escorted us back to the front of the store. He looked at his assistant and said “another one locked up” I could feel my face turn beat red as I looked at the floor knowing she was looking at me. The attendant said, better locked up than causing problems under that skirt. They all chuckled at that and we headed to the door. Before we opened the door my wife said, Susie what do you say? I turned and looked at them and said Thank You Sir.

On the way home I knew tonight I was not going to be let out of the cage and Rob would like that she had me locked up. My wife asked, is this how you where hopping things would work out when you asked me to make you my sissy Susie? I looked down and said yes, Thank You for turning me into the sissy that I always wanted to be.

Your welcome Susie, she said.

Sissy Susie

“SM” Sissy Maker


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