We became BBC lovers


I met my husband Dan at a dance back some ten years ago. Over this time many kinky fetishes have been reveled on both our parts. Dan had a very submissive side that you would not know by looking at him.  I have taken advantage of this and took charge of the relationship. He has become my little sissy bitch when at home.  One of his kinks is which led us to live the life we have now. He tells me that he is satisfied and content at how things developed over time. So what is this story about? I will tell you how it started and where we are today, so just read on.

Dan always liked sharing me with other men for sex. This started almost right after we where married. I have had many partners and eventually it led me to sissify Dan more as time went by. Now you ask how can that be since he already is my sissy bitch at home. Well I put him in chastity because he was smaller than most men I had been seeing. After I had him chastised I told him no more fucking my pussy. My pussy was for real men with real cocks and his was pathetically little for my liking. Dan agreed to it and told me to find a big cock that would keep me happy and he could move in with us.

This was a new twist that I liked and since it was Dan’s idea I was going to follow through with it. However I wanted Dan to become a cock sucker before we had some one move in with us. I introduced him to cock sucking and he enjoyed it once he got used to it.  After a year of Dan sucking cock I told him I was interested in having a black man with a big cock.  I told him that it would be a bigger cock compared to the ones he had been sucking. Dan’s small cock sprung to life when I said that so I knew he was interested.

We started looking around for some one we both where attracted to so things would go smoothly. Jarred answered an ad we had placed. He was a well hung black man which was the first black cock for me. This seemed to please Dan very much and was eager to do his part. I had convinced Jarred to let Dan suck his big cock. This progressed along very well and we both enjoyed our sexual encounters with Jarred.

Once we became friends with Jarred a whole new twist to our sexual life took place. He knew how to please me and Dan seemed to enjoy his part in the relationship also. I had Dan sucking Jarreds big cock until it was erect for my use. Once Jarred was finished with me it was Dan’s place to lick Jarred and myself clean. We both always looked forward to Jarreds next visit. This had been going on just short of two years now and I had not entertained anyone else during this time. The three of us became very close and really enjoyed each others company. Dan and I had talked several times about having Jarred move in with us since he was the only man I was seeing.

Dan was alright with it in fact he was the one who suggested it years before. I had my reservations about the three of us living together. We didn’t have any friends that we hung with so that was not an issue. I was the main bread winner so that again did not seem to be an object. No kids and no plans to have any. The more I thought about it the more I was looking forward to it. Jarred came over for the usual weekend get together and we all sat down and discussed our situation.

Jarred was apprehensive of the idea that was purposed to him. During the next week Dan and I could not figure out why he would not take us up on our offer. The following week when we where all together Dan asked what Jarreds reasons where for not grabbing the opportunity to move in with us. Jarred had reasons of his own which once he expressed them to us we understood.

Seems that Jarred had his own itinerary that he was looking for in a relationship that had never been discussed. He pointed out that he was the alpha male which we all agreed.  He told us that I would need to get the queen of spades tattoo so everyone would know who I belonged to. We both agreed to this and Dan said that he felt it was only right in doing so and it should be above the pussy area. He also wants Dan to get one in the same place.  I told Dan that it was only proper for him to do so since his cocklit was worthless any way and he did like Jarreds cock.

He also told us that even though Dan is chastises most of the time this was not to Jarreds liking. Dan would have to be a neomale by Jarreds standards which consists of him being castrated turning him into an eunuch. This was quight the request by Jarred and both Dan and I had to think this threw before giving an answer. This was not something we could make a quick decision on. We needed time to think about it and discuss it amongst our selves. Jarred was asking a lot from us when he came up with this.

Dan and I talked it over several times and tried to think out the different scenarios if we went through with it. I pointed out to Dan that he had not had intercourse for almost six years now with a female. I pointed out that for as small of a cock he had the chances are he would never have sex with a female any way. This may be what he was always intended to be and eunuch. I must admit that I did push for Dan to make the decision to go through with it. I knew he was never going to fuck me again and Jarreds big cock would keep me happy so really there was no use for Dan to have his balls any way.

I pointed out to Dan that Jarreds big cock was something that I would like to have. Dan knew I was right and with what I had been telling him. I did tell Dan that the final decision was his since he was the one that would be making the biggest sacrifice in all this. I could tell he was feeling a bit concerned about everything being talked about. I assured him that it would work out for the best for every one. I told him he should call Jarred and tell him that he needed to come over and we could tell him our decision.

Jarred came over the next day and Dan told him it was all decided and we would accept the conditions. Jarred was happy with the news and we made plans for Dan’s up coming castration and our future live together. Jarred and I decided to move to an area out side the city where we could live with out any close neighbors asking questions. Dan had his surgery and it has been almost two years now since we made all the changes in our lives. Dan and I divorced so Jarred and I can be married and Dan will live with us.  Everything has been good with Jared and I and  Dan lives and dresses as our maid for the most part he is female now. We have talked about giving her breast implants which she seems eager for. We are going through the necessary paper work for Dan’s name change to Dawn before the implant surgery. Jarred and I will then be officially married and Dawn will be my brides maid.  So that is how we changed and became BBC lovers.


“SM” Sissy Maker


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