Gay at a young age.

             I was raised by my mother never knowing my father. Fare back as I can remember, even at age 8 or 9 I ran around the house naked and mom did also with the exception of wearing her panties once in a while. If she had some one over she would dress. I recall one of her female friends would come over often and bring her son Jake who was my age. Once they arrived she would strip Jake naked and we would play that way. I asked one day why she would take off Jakes clothes and she said so they stayed clean, the same reason why your mom does not make you dress.

One particular day I recall playing with Jake and he had a stiffy. I was used to having my own which mom would take care of for me so it would go away. I told him that he should go let his mom take care of it for him. He asked what I was talking about? I said my mom took care of mine so it would go away. He asked how she did that so I showed him by having him lay down and I pulled on his erection like mom did to mine.

  We must have been very quiet for some time because our mothers came into my bedroom to see what we were doing. Entering the room mom said that I should not be doing that. I told her what had happened and why I was showing him what she did. His mom said that she had never seen him with a stiffy and that my mom should show her what she did to make it go away. Mom jacked him off (like she did to me so many times before) until Jakes goo came out. Mom wiped it up and they both talked about it as Jake and I went back to playing.
   We played with each others most all of that summer and “I am not talking about with our toy trucks”.   We were not allowed to play in my bedroom any more, we had to be in the living area. We played with one another and our moms condoned it, in fact they encouraged it. I remember them showing us what to do when one of us were erect. So when we became erect which it seemed we were a lot, we did as we were told to do. Our moms watched with smiles and coached us as we continued taking care of one another.
Being naked around my mom as I got older, I would have erections more offen.  Mom always told me she liked how well Jake and I got along as she pulled on my cock. She continues this until I was 16, at that point Jake and I were together all the time and were allowed to go to each others bed rooms with no supervision.  We played with each others cocks and did all kinds of things
   We where close all threw high school and stayed over in one another’s house all the time. Our mom’s new what we were doing and they seemed to accept it with out question. Once out of school and we both lived at home for about a year then moved in together and have been lovers every since. I am very happy our mothers showed us the things they did. We are both still close to our mothers who we respect very much. We where taught right from wrong and good from bad. Now at age 53 I personally do not think I could have asked for a better child hood.  My mate agrees with me, we are still together and will be for life.
“SM” Sissy Maker

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