Baby Pants

  I have always had a fetish for breasts and I just love to nurse on a female when she lactates. I married my wife who is kind of a loose gale and I nurse on her tits four or five times a week. She likes it and usually announces it is time for me to suck her tits and pats the couch seat next to her. This has been going on for over a year plus and she likes to stroke my hair and watch me suck her size C tits.
One night while I was sucking she made a comment that I nurse like a young child. Not thinking any thing about her comment I continued to suck on her. Over time she made more and more comments that revolved around my sucking her tits and infantilism. She told me that I was her baby and she enjoyed the nursing sessions and told me that they need to be a daily thing. So since she wants it more I obliged and we had our session nightly.
Several weeks later she told me that she had bought me something so I followed her to the bedroom. I was in disbelief when she handed me a diaper, plastic pants, with an adult baby dress and matching diaper cover then told me to put them on. I was informed that if I wanted to continue the nursing sessions then I had to wear them. With some arguing and trying to reason with her I gave in and as I started to changed she left the room. She told me to come to the living room when I was dressed where she would be waiting for me. When I came out she started to laugh at me and I wanted to strip this costume off. She told me I had to leave it on and to model it for her. I walked in front of her and turned around then she told me to come to her. She lifted the short dresses hem and felt for my penis. Ahhh… she said, I knew you would like your baby girl outfit and your stiff little erection confirms it.
  Then I was told to lay down and start nursing. Once I did so she continued talking and told me she thought I looked so sweet in my new outfit. All the while as she talked she rubbed my cock through the diapers.  I was told that from now on I had bbb11.jpgto call her mommy and to do it in a baby voice. Also I had to change into my baby outfit as soon as I arrived home. If she caught me not wearing my baby outfit there would be harsh consequences for me. I had to wear it all the time at home she stressed.
  One day I when I came home I did not change right away and she bare ass spanked me with a wooden ruler. That hurt and left welts, I went and changed as soon as she was done swatting my ass.
When I came out of the bathroom she told me to g lay face down on the bed. I did as I was told and she tied my arms and legs one to each corner of the bed. She then pushed pillows under my stomach forcing my rear up. Then she pulled down my plastic pants diaper and all. Lubed my ass hole and inserted a small anal plug much to my useless protest. This felt like she was splitting me into as I hollered how pain full it was. With no sympathy she continued until she had it all the way in.
 I was informed that next time I forget or linger in changing to my proper clothes as she put it. I will get a larger anal plug inserted. I had to wear it the rest of the night to remind me that I was a naughty girl. While I was still tied down she continued to scold me saying that I had a useless cock. That I am nothing but a baby and that is why I have to dress as on and that is why you nurse like on. Your no man your a baby she scolded me. You will do as your told or the punishments will be more harsh.
 As I still laid there tied down with my ass in the air and plugged she spanked me more asking if I under stood. After asking me to repeat yes louder and louder as I cried she finally quit. Then untied me and told me to pull up my diaper and pants and go sit in the living room. When I sat down on the couch she told me babies sit on the floor. Until I given you permission to sit on a chair or couch you will sit on the floor. I did as told and she sat down asking how my anal plug felt. I told her it did not hurt as much. She told me that if it comes out and I don’t tell her then I will be punished again.
 While I sat on the floor she scolded me saying from this day forward I will do as I am told or punishments will be harsher as we go. She expects me to crawl around and not to walk while in the house. She will tell me when feeding time is and just because she walks around naked in front of me does not mean I am allowed to touch her.
 She got up and left the room coming back walked naked to the kitchen before returning with something to drink.  When she sat down she told me time to train my little baby girl to do something right for a change. Then I was ordered to crawl to her and lick her pussy before nursing time. She was so wet I knew she enjoyed humiliating me and taking control.
 My life has changed a lot since those days. Not only do I wear my baby outfits like I was instructed to but I am in chastity also. I have quite a collection of outfits now. I am allowed to wet myself but that is all. I still wear the anal plug at least twice a week and have a larger one that she will soon switch to. When she plugs my rear she lets me out of chastity so she can watch me have an erection. Some times she milks my prostrate and other times she masturbates my little erection to completion. All the while she is telling me how little my penis is and how I am nothing more than a baby.
 I now nurse for about a half hour then lick her for the same amount of time. I do call her mommy when I have to ask for something but other than that I am not allowed to talk.  She refers to me as baby pants. Whenever she talks to me it is baby pants.
I am Baby Pants.
“SM” Sissy Maker

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