Paul’s divorce leads him to become Paula.

imagesEDP7RKTR.jpg       My mom always told me I should have been born a girl. My features where that of a girl and I had a slim body build like a girl. I cross dressed wearing my sisters panties at a very young age. This continued all through school until I was on my own. I married and after two years being straight I started to wear my wife’s clothes. She was hesitant at first but I assured her I was not gay. She let me do it at home and even bought me some clothing of my own that she wanted to see me in. I had very sexy panties, short shorts, tube tops, and even a bikini swim suit. On some weekends she would tell me I had to wear something famine all weekend.

After seven years of marriage we divorced and one of her complaints was that I dressed like a girl. Not going into all the details of the divorce.  I was told by the judge that I had to see a psychiatrist so I did. He asked me all sorts of questions and determined that I had strong female tendency’s. This was told to the judge which came out in court. It was suggested I continue to take therapy for this condition, which was referred to as gender identity disorder.

The divorce was finalized and I was ordered to continue therapy with a local Psychiatrist. After about a year with the psychiatrist he offered a suggestion to me. I would have to move and continue therapy with another doctor. I moved and began seeing this new doctor who after several months of visits he informed me that I was female in my thinking but in a male body. On the next visit there was a well dressed lady who I was introduced to as Miss. Laura.

The Doctor told me this was a close personal friend of his and if I was interested I could have her take over my therapy sessions. I agreed and my next visit was at her place. Upon entering it looked like a normal office with a desk receptionist etc…. I was required to fill out paperwork and tell why I was there, I put cross dressing. I was escorted by a nurse to a small examining room and told to strip and put on the gown given me. I did as told and waited nervously until the door opened and Laura entered. I was told to hop up on the exam table while she did some simple tests and then I was asked to stand and disrobe.

She then looked me over and told me to bend over the table. She put something on my butt hole and smeared it around then inserted a figure. She continued to push it in further and retract it then insert it again. This continued for several minutes and I let out a bit of a moan. She stopped and told me to stand up and turn around, as I did so it was apparent that I had an erection. Well she said looking at my cock, I see you enjoy prostate massages. Before we continue I will have my nurse remove your body hair and clean you up.

I had something sprayed on my body and then directed to take a shower as all my hair washed away. I was told that I would need to keep myself free of hair and shower twice a day. Then I was given a white garter belt with nylons, white lacy panties, and matching Bra. I was very excited at the sight of the items and when I was told to put them on I got a very stiff erection. As the assistant stood and watched me put the items on one at a time I was shacking badly. She came over and helped fasten the stockings to the garters. Once I was dressed she gave me a shear cover-up to put on and escorted me down the hall to Laura’s office.


Opening the door and pushing me in, Laura just kept looking down continuing to wright as I stood in front of her desk. Then she stopped and looked up at me and smiled saying, you look very good and I see you do enjoy being dressed don’t you? Sheepishly while looking down I said, yes. Good Laura said as she continued talking, you will be dressing like a girl from now on. I have had a lot of experience with sissy males and I will convert you to a useful sissy just as I have done with all the rest. You will learn how to be a home maker and care of a real man. When we finish your training you will be a productive sissy. You will be ready to marry and become a house wife for some gentleman.

I was horrified at what I was being told and thought that she must have the wrong person. When she asked if I had any questions, I asked if she was serious and why would she do this to me. She explained to me the fact that I was a cross dresser and seemed to get sexually aroused by doing it, told her that I was indeed a true sissy. Sissies have one purpose and that is to serve the needs of a man. She continued to say that I will never find a female that will accept me for what I am . For me to fine real happiness this is the way it will be. You will not be released from my care until you have shown you can satisfy a man and his needs.

Hearing all of this I broke down and started to cry. Laura told me that this is a common reaction among sissies to here their future for the first time. You will accept your place in life once you are used to what is expected of you. Most sissies actually enjoy their roles as care givers to the men in their life. Just the thought made me sick to my stomach, but I knew there was no getting out of this situation and I would have to accept my fate. We will start tomorrow so you will need your sleep. She gave me a sedative and called for her assistant to take me to my room. We went through several locked doors and down hallways. Turning a corner she opened a door saying this is your room. She showed me how the intercom worked and showed me the clothes that where bought for me.

Telling me to put on my nighty and get some rest she left locking the door. I sat and thought about where I was and how I got their and where I was heading. This only mad me sadder than I was so I turned on the television to watch and calm down. There was a massage telling me what I was about to see is only some of the training I would partake in. Then it shows a very beautiful long haired girl taking down a mans pants and sucking on his cock. Then after a few minutes of this she stood and stripped, taking off her top to reveal some lovely breasts. I was take by her beauty and as I continued to watch as she undressed down to her panties. Then she took her panties off and to my surprise a small cock was evident between her legs. She stood and modeled a bit for the camera turning around and parting her ass cheeks. Then the man put some lube on her and stuck his hard cock into her and proceeded to fuck her.


By this time I was feeling the medication starting to work, so I undressed and put on a lovely pink nighty and matching panties. Laying in my bed I thought about what I will become. A sissy girly boy to please men and let them have their way with me. I cried self to sleep knowing what was in store for my future.


“SM” Sissy Maker



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