Panties for me?


This past weekend my wife came to me with a sale pamphlet she received in the mail. This was all female clothing and as she sat down beside me she said, here are some nice panties. She pointed them out to me and I said she would look nice in them. She smiled and asked if I really liked them and I said yes. She asked if she bought them would I wear them? Jokingly I said sure! We then started talking about the news of the day and nothing more was said.

A week later a package came in the mail addressed to her. When she opened it the panties where inside. Here you go as she handed them to me. I asked what was this and I held them up to take a look at them. So you bought them, I am looking forward to seeing them on you as I laid them down. Oh no, you said you would wear them so here you go put them on. I was a little dumb founded by what she just said but then recalled the conversation we had. I asked her, you know I was just joking around. Ok sure if it pleases you I will, I told her.

Once I had them on she cooed and cooed about how nice they looked on me. They fit like a glove and showed my erection. When she asked why I had an erection, I told her because the material was so silky smooth and felt kind of sexy. I should have kept my mouth shut and never tried them on. I blame it on my self from that incident, which is why I only am allowed to wear panties now. She has thrown all my male under wear out and replaced it with all kinds of lacy and silky panties. I wear them all the time even to work and have adjusted to it. Now she has me wearing a lacy baby doll to bed every night. She even took some pictures of me in my panties and the baby doll nighty as I modeled it for her. I know I should take a stand and say no, but I love my wife and I get in creatable sex for doing as I am told. I figure as long as no one knows, what is it hurting? It makes her very happy and I really don’t mind it as long as it stays between her and me. She asked me just the other night if I would wear a garter belt and nylons for her. I told her sure, if it made her happy.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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