My Sissy Wife.

I met Dale at a party about six years ago. We became good friends, then one day he told me he enjoyed cross dressing. I was very surprised but knowing he was a good friend, I asked for him to show me. Once I seen him dressed up he really did not look that bad as a female. I sat him down while he was in drag and asked him a bunch of questions about his fetish. I then asked if he sucked cock, which he replied that he had several times.
I then told him that since he was a sissy, he had to suck my cock if he wanted us to remain friends. He did as I had asked and we continued to be friends. Over time I encouraged him to live as a girl, since he was a sissy girl any way. This took constant coaching but he eventually gave in and agreed to it, realizing I was right.  I continued to treat him as a girl and giving him a girls name. I called him Diane and she always did as she was told. I started to take her out on dates and always received a blow job for doing so.
One day I sat Diane down and pointed out how much she had changed in the last three years. During our talk I convinced Diane that she needed to have real breasts. I eventually made a deal with her, that if she had real breasts I would marry her. Now I had Diane transformed in to a girl, who actually looked and passed as a girl for the past year. I figured that if she had real breasts she would be a real girl in my eyes.
 Two years later we where married and live as husband and wife. I love her dearly and she in return loves me. I treat Diane just like the girl she is and she takes care of me and the house. If I was told when I met Dale that he would some day become my wife, I would have never believed them. Diane is a girl in every way except for one thing which I told her, I have become used to her having a penis.
James B.
“SM” Sissy Maker

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