Wife and her Boyfriend.

blacked-100125My wife is not into swinging but I have always tried to get her to screw another guy. See I am into sharing and like to watch other men have their way with her as she enjoys every sexual minute. I had always had girl friends who would screw other guys as I watched so when I married my wife I naturally want the same from her.

Since she was not into it but did think about it, I did not give up on it. We would go to the city and watch strippers which where male or female, she did not care. She had loosened up a lot since we first had gotten married, naturally I kept pushing until she agreed to it. She had some fantasies about black men so I told her to act on it. Once she had a few drinks in her she was really feeling in the mood and seen a guy that was a well built stud. She struck up a conversation with him and when bar time came he went back to our room.

Once back in the room and a couple of more cocktails she was taking off her clothes. Once naked she started stripping our friend. When she revealing his huge cock, she could not believe how big it was. She kissed and licked his cock until it was hard than could not wait to sit on it sending it deep into her pussy as she moaned with pleasure. She screwed him until she was in a sexual bliss. The next day after she had slept in his bed, she had her pussy on his big shaft and rode it until she got sore, climaxing four more times before collapsing exhausted on top of his muscular body.imagesOFRR0TQX

I found this very arousing and on the ride home I told her how delighted I was that she had sex with another guy. She also was delighted that she had sex with him and commented several times about what a muscular guy he was and how great his big cock felt. She had never felt so full as she did when he was inside her. She continued to make comments about it on and off for the next week. Since I had his phone number I called him and lined up another meeting with us. After meeting at another bar we went back to our room and repeated the same evening she had experienced three weeks ago. Once again she spent the night in his bed and screwed him again the next morning before we left. Dakota_James_nailed_by_big_black_cock24On our way home this time she admitted that she could get used to screwing such a big cock. I told her that it was fine with me as long as she don’t do it behind my back. After a while I made arrangements  for her to go spend a night with him as I stayed home, this continued through the whole summer. I started becoming concerned when she did not want to have sex with me any more. When we did have sex “which was rarely” I noticed how stretched out she had become from his huge cock.

By the end of summer it was clear that our marriage was on the rocks. We sat down and talked about the situation and where our marriage was heading. Since it was my idea to begin with, she threatened to take most of what I had worked for my whole life if we divorced. After continued talks on and off  that whole week, I agreed to let her continue seeing her boyfriend. By this time I had not had sex with her in over six months or more. If I wanted the marriage to last than I had to accept that she was going to continue fucking him.imagesFRK2WEP9

I realize that I got what I had asked for, but I guess I never thought that it would come to this. I moved into the guest bedroom and they have the master bedroom. I am a cuckold now and have been for more than two years. She still lives with me but spends almost every weekend with her boyfriend. Some times he comes to our place and stays for the weekend. I leave them alone unless they call for me. That is the only time I get to watch these days. They like to humiliate me due to my small cock. He likes to tell me how my wife is such a slut and loves big cocks. I think she has had more than just his cock by the comments he has made. My wife likes to rub it in how big his cock is compared to mine.

They laugh and tell me to watch closely maybe I will learn something. I still get aroused and find it thrilling to watch them have sex. I think this is how it was meant to be since I still like to see how pleased she is when screwing him. I turned her into a big cock slut so I either accept it or leave. I have accepted it!

Allen S.

Sissy Maker “SM”


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