I almost became a sissy forever.

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I have always been a cross dresser since age 13 and when I met my one girle friend I admited that I cross dressed in privacy of my home. She was estatic about this and insisted on seeing my clothes and to have me cross dress for her. Once she finialy convinced me to dress for her, she told me to try on all my girly clothing as she sat back and watched. She asked if I was a sissy or just a slut? I had no idea what she meant by the question so I said, I am not a sissy. She smiled and told me I dress as a little slut, then she asked if I suck cock? I told her hell no, I am straight. She said that is to bad maybe we can change that.

Now I was getting a bit uncomfortable at what she was suggesting. She smiled and started asking me all kinds of questions. Knowing I was a cross dresser did not seam to bother her at all. She moved in with me seviral months later. She asked after a week of being their why I had not cross dressed yet. I told her I was uncomfortable doing it around her and that I did not do it all the time. She asked if I liked being cross dressed and I told her I did. She then said, if I like it then I should do it whenever I was at home. Over the next week she convinced me to dress whenever home and stay dressed during that time. I did as she asked and it seamed that I was in a state of constan sexuail arrosual. She comented on my continuing erection saying you realy do like being a girl don’t you. She kept me dressed like a sissy for the rest of the time she was with me. This relationship lasted three years.


She eventuialy started telling me that she liked me better cross dressed like a sissy than when I wasn’t. She told me that I acted like an ass hole when I was not cross dressed. When I was cross dressed I was gentler and seemed more meek and pleasant to be around. I think it was all said to help keep me dressed like a sissy. She occasionally would make comments and snicker about them like, do you want to suck cock now? You need to walk more like a girl and not take such big steps. You need to practice to be more feminine, maybe you should start hormones, etc… One day she told me that she had been giving me hormones with out me knowing it. I asked if she was telling the truth and she shrugged her shoulders and smiled saying maybe. You wanted breasts didn’t you?

She liked me to wear something different every day. Sometimes dressed like a hooker and some times in only lingiree. At one point when we had been together for about two years she started having me dress to go out in public. I was passable to about ninty percent when she did my makup for me. She would take me to strip joints and bars, sometimes shopping. Some times she made it knowen to others that I was indead a dude dressed as a girl just to humiliate me. I of coars whould be so inbarrest and nervous. She seamed to enjoy it and when men hit on me she always told them I gave good blow jobs, even though I had never sucked a cock.


Then one day she came to me when I was dressed at home is a skimpy outfit and said she was going to throw away all my male clothing and take me shopping for an all new girls wardrobe. I was so shocked I could hardly think of an answer too it. Then she asked if I would like that? I finally got out a NO and what would I wear when I go to work. I was told that I would wear girl jeans and T-Shirts like a girl does. She then told me to come and help her clean out my closet as she headed towards the bedroom. I was close behind her when we entered the bedroom, she had most of my things on the bed already. I told her their was no way I could give up all my cloes. She then asked which ones do you think you need to keep. Still stuned by all this I managed to say my work cloes. She said ok then the rest can go as she started bgging them up. I am still stuned at what is happining and told her to stop, I was not geting rid of any of my cloes. She asked why was I always getting erect when I cross dressed? I shrugged my sholders and said it turns me on I guess. Well than I guess that is reason enough to throw these out and get you new cloes. She also said she was tired of me wearing the same things over and over and it was time for some new outfits.

At that point I was told to quit being a baby or she would buy me some diapers insted. I sat down and a few tears started rolling down my face as she packed the cloes in a trash bag. You sissy she said when she saw the tears and then slaped my face. I was shaken and surprised all at the same time knowing she meant business as she scolded me on how much of a sissy I was and that I didn’t not have any balls let alone a cock. She told me she needed a real man and if I was not man enough to satisfy her than she was going to find one. She pointed out how I was dressed and told me I was nothing but a faggot that needed to learn my place. Not only did she put up with my sissyness but she had not had a good fucking since she had met me.

The next day I finially got the balls to tell her I was going to keep my male cloes and that if she did not like it she could leave. Not saying anythng she sat and watched TV. We continues living together for about six more months. Durring this time she started not comming home and when she did come home it was almost sun rise. I knew she was seeing other guys and confronted her about it. She asked what did I knew anout it, I was just a sissy faggot with a small cock. She never had sex with me during the last six months and did finally move out. I never seen her again but heard that she was sleeping arround with guys through out the area. A year or so later I was told that she had moved out of state and that was the last I ever heard about her.

I offen wonder what whould have happened if I would have let her sissify me the way she wanted. I think she would have cuckolded me and eventiually made me suck cock. Sometimes I wished that I would have gone along with it and then again I think that I was lucky to have escaped when I did. I do consider myself a sissy but never act or carry on like one. I continued to cross dress and when I met my next girl friend, I did not tell her anything about my past. We ended up getting married after we dated for two years. I think she had heard something about it because some times she makes comments that relate to it. I just act as if I don’t here them or laugh it off. I still cross dress when she is gone but not as much these days. We have been married for five years now. I fee kind of bad that I have not told her about it, I don’t like living a lie behind her back but on the other hand I really don’t feel I am hurting any one. I only do it occasionally and never go out in public ever. I think if I did come out and tell her that she would probably leave me because she is not into any kind of kink at all but very straight laced.



“SM” Sissy Maker.


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