I caught my husband being a sissy, because of high technology phone and computer. My husband had no idea about my ability to see what he was up to. Of cores I didn’t tell him that I could see every picture he took with his phone. I had given him one of my old cell phones to use, the billing and phones are in my name. What he didn’t know was that every picture he took on the cell phone I can see on my computer. He had no Idea that was even possible. He had taken a bunch of pictures to send to some of his internet friends. They were of him dressed in sissy clothes, garter, nylons, panties, etc…

When I saw them on my computer I confronted him about them. He was shocked that I knew about them and acted as if He did not know what I was talking about. This had him shook up because I seemed to know what he was wearing and every thing about it. When I showed him the pictures on the computer, he was scared I knew something because he wet himself after I confronted him. I was not happy with him at all and after two days of being pissed at him I came home with some diapers for him to wear.


Now I know he is not into diapers but since he wet his pants the day before, I  thought I should put him in them. I said if he acted like a baby I will treat him like one.  I even have him wearing an adult baby dress which is so short it shows his plastic pants.  I have him wearing this all day and when he goes to bed he still has to wear diapers and plastic pants and a night shirt. He had tears rolling down his face and tried to hide them from me. When I saw them I told him that tops it all off, the big baby is crying. Lucky I got you in your diapers when I did, we don’t need another accident do we.  So now days he is still wearing diapers and plastic pants and has adjusted well to them. 009

After studding sissies on the internet, I am planning to graduate him to the sissy he always wanted to be. I have accumulated a wardrobe of sissy clothes for him. Once he is comfortable being a sissy, I will  finish his transformation permanently.

Mrs. Smith

“SM”  Sissy Maker




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