Life chaning event.



I always been over sexed, my wife of fifteen years basically convinced me to watch male on male porn which she liked to watch all the time. If it got her into the mood it was fine with me so I watched with her. While she became aroused I also was worked up. I would feel her up as she watched guys sucking other guys cocks. She would tell me to watch certain scenes and often replayed the scenes for me to see.  She continued watching gay porn and having me watch gay cock sucking scenes. I watched hundreds of gay porn shows over the years with her, she in time lost all interest in having sex.

I gave my self hand jobs almost daily but over time wanted pussy. After several years of begging and having no luck with her, she suggested me sucking a cock. Now I am a man, not gay and had no interest in another man.  Over time she had said it so much that my mind went to the though “what if” I did it. My wife and I talked about it for a long time. I did not want to but she kept encouraging me to do so. I told her I might but would fee better if I was a girl.

Well the next weekend I was dressed as a girl by my wife and I was hard as hell. When I looked into the mirror I was hot looking. My wife asked if I liked it? I had to confess I did and felt good in drag. I was told after all that work I had to stay in drag for the day. I was showed gay porn most of he day and girl talk about sucking cock with my wife. I was hard as hell and she checked to my embarrassment. After weeks of this ritual repeated I was thinking I wanted cock.

I was informed during the week that she had arranged a sissy boi, to come over and spend and evening with me. I was so nervous that I would be with another sissy and yet excited at the same time.  Finally the weekend arrived and I broke down chickening out cross dressing for the visiting sissy. My wife told me that it was alright, the sissy was still visiting. The door bell rang and a young man entered with a duffel bag.

After my wife made introductions he asked if he could go change. She showed him to the master bedroom. He came back later into the living room fully dressed like a slut in lingerie and short tennis dress. Entering the room he said I hope you enjoy this and we all had some small talk. Then my wife told him that I wanted to suck cock and that is why your here. Getting up and walking back in forth in front of us my wife asked to see his cock. He stopped in front of me and told me to pull his skirt down. I did as he asked then he said to pull his panties down so I did. His big cock jumped out at me and I was surprised that it was so big. My wife said Wow…his cock is like three times the size of yours, are you sure your a sissy with that big cock? His cock was so thick and long that it could only get half erect due to the weight of it. I was then told to open my mouth and when I did he stuck his big cock in my mouth. My wife told me to “suck it you bitch” so I did. This continued on for a few minutes when he pulled it out. He asked if we could move to the bedroom so we did.

I ended up sucking his cock until he filled my mouth with sticky thick cum. My wife watched the whole thing and insisted that I swallow his cum. That episode repeated it’s self many times over that year until I became comfortable sucking cock. My wife has me dress most of the time as a slut maid and if she is irritated with me, she calls me a cock sucking cunt. I take care of my wife and the house since I don’t work. I have been a cock sucker to men for over four years now. The wife enjoys watching me take a big cock in my mouth. She has had sex with a few of the men with huge cocks. If anyone had told me I would be a sissy maid cock sucker, I would have punched them. However now I am doing what I never thought I ever would. Sucking cocks and getting excited thinking about the next one. I am eager to please them now since that is what my job is these days. What a life changing event.



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