Complaining about the summer heat opened the door to be sissified.


My husband always complained about the hot summer days. He would tell me I was lucky to wear a dress so air could circulate and keep me cooler. I told him that I had one that would fit him if he wanted to try it on. He declined so when I went to town I bought him some spandex shorts for him to wear. I gave them to him to put on but he was hesitant, then I told him they where for men. He put them on and really liked the feel of them and agreed to wear them. Once he was used to wearing them I took some pictures of him in them.

I took advantage of this and bought him spandex shorts for him, after some time I had him wearing them most of the time. I told him I really liked how he looked in them. You could see his cock outline since they where so tight. On a warm day when he had his shots on I told him lets go for ice-cream. He told me he had to go change but I would not wait for that and for him to go as he is and no one would say anything.


He was nervous when I made him get out of the car and stand in line for ice-cream. Other than a few looks all was fine so his self a-steam was renewed. I pushed for another chance to put him in public and told him we where going to walk around the lake. The lake is a good mile and a half or more walk around it. We where walking for about five to ten minutes when I heard some one whistle at him. He was so busy talking he never heard it and we continued on our walk. Then some kids came buy and sang “dude looks like a lady” I know he heard it but acted as if nothing happened.

Once back home I pushed this farther and told him that bikini panties where very cool to wear and I thought he would look great in them around the house. I bought him a couple pair of cotton white ones. He put them on with hesitation but when his cock became erect I knew he was hooked. I pointed out his erection and he blushed when I asked if they turned him on. I told him to run around the house in just them all weekend, just like a child he did. I could not help but smile seeing his erection every time he was up walking around. I know he liked them so after a few weekends of making him wear them I took some pictures of him in them.255606dk9

Then I had him put on his spandex pants telling him we where going for a drive. I took him to the city and made him walk down the sidewalk dressed like the sissy I was turning him into. I told him if he became erect that everyone would see his cock as they where so tight. He bagged me to buy him something else to wear so I took him to Victoria Secrets and pointed out a few choices he had that I would buy for him but he had to wear it now. He then chose to keep what he had on and we continued shopping for the day.

When we where on our way home he complained about how I tricked him and how he was never wearing them again. The time had come for me to tell him what was going to happen. I informed him that I was now in charge and he would do as he was told or face divorce papers. I reminded him about the pictures I took of him and informed him any court would grant the divorce once they saw the pictures. He quieted down and for the next few weeks he did not say much, if I told him to change into his house clothes “which is what I referred to them as” he did so with out hesitation. Now was time for the next step.

The next several weeks while I let our talk settle into his mind I bought panties, short dresses, blouses, bra, garter belts, stockings,  several baby doll nighties and a couple of wigs. I was all set to transform him into the sissy I wanted. The first thing I gave him was a baby doll with matching underwear to wear around the house. He fussed a bit when I handed them to him but I won, in the end he wore them. Now he was totally humiliated by this and sat down with tears in his eyes. The time had come for me to finish telling him what I expected. I informed him he was going to be my full time sissy home boy. I told him that I considered my options and decided that this would be best for us both. I also crushed his male ego by telling him that he was inadequate in bed and I did not consider him as a man. any more. Your more useful to me as my sissy and I will train you to be the best you can, failure is not an option. I will teach you how to apply your own markup since you will need to put it on every day.

When he asked why I was doing this to him I said, you have no job so your going to take care of the house, meals, washing, you really liked wearing your cotton panties. You put them on without me telling you to and when I saw you in them you always had an erection. I knew right then you where truly a sissy inside and I had to bring it out.

Things are going nicely and he is doing as told and wearing the cloths I bought for him. He has adjusted to it for the most part but we still have a ways to go. He still does not like dressing as a sissy full time. All in all I am happy with the results. I think in a few more months he will have adjusted fully.

(SM) Sissy Maker


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