My husband, the sissy.



To Sissy Maker. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

This is my husband now, I encouraged him to become a sissy girl. He really enjoys dressing like a girl and wears his girly clothes as much as he can. I take him out clubbing every so often and slowly getting him loosened up. I even send him shopping as a girl.   The time has finally come to the last stage of him being a sissy faggot. He is ready to suck his first man’s cock and I have his date all set up. Yes, you heard me right, I have set up a date for him.

This has been pre-arranged by me so I can be present when they come back from there date night out. Once I have confirmed he has completed his duty’s like arranged. Only then will he get his girl name given to him.

His new name will be Clara.

 (SM) Sissy Maker

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