Announcing the 2015 Sissy Games!

Let the sissy games begin.


I have now created “sissy games” for my first annual of many sissy get-together’s.
This is for all sissies and there significant other which includes but not limited to Masters, Mistresses, Wife’s, Girlfriends, Mothers, or any others who have a sissy.

The on stage games are in order as follows .

1) sissy parade:  On stage pride of all sissies.

2) sissy outfit modelingModeling their sissy attire.

3) sissy lingerie showModeling only in their lingerie.

4) sissy panty show:   Modeling only in their panties.

4) sissy chastity/small cocklit show: On stage display of chastised sissies or if not in chastity, how small their cocklit is.

5) anal plug/dildo showSissies being plugged with large anal plugs or large dildos used on them.

6) anal marble game:  Owners are given rubber gloves and a bag of marbles. You naked sissy is to bend over  beside your chair so you can insert a single marble in its anus. They run down and squat over a pan and deposit the marble. First one to complete depositing all marbles in the pan is the winner. (This game is conveniently held after the anal plugging and dildo games).

7) sissy oil wrestling:  Sissies are totally naked and completely sprayed with oil and put into a small pool of oil to wrestle. The first to pin the other is the winner. (All decisions are final).

8) winner mounting loser show:  Any winner in the oil wrestling contest gets to mount the looser, (for sexual intercourse if permitted by owner).

9) loser satisfying winner or winners: (If permitted) any looser may satisfy a single or all winners by sucking them off.

10) sissy suck showSee how long it takes for a sissy to suck off to completion another sissy. Fastest suck off is the winner.

11) chastity installing/anal plug demonstrations: We have several demonstrations of how to go about applying a chastity cage to a sissies cocklit, including a strap down table for the one who resists chastity.  (Free applications all day for any sissy along with anal plugging).

12) free time – sissy play: (If permitted and under close supervision) all sissies can go to the “Play Room” and play with all the other sissies and use the toys provided.

This is the time to display and show off your sissies capabilities to show others how well she performs.
More information will be mailed out on starting time and date.

(SM) Sissy Maker ‏


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