Sissify your inadiquit males.


Would you like your husband, boyfriend, or son to look like one of these sissies in the pictures? Yes they are all male sissies!!! You can have a sissy of your own who will do the house work for you. Yes, with proper training any male can become a sissy by training him, condensing him, disincline him, and humiliating him. Women with inadequate sexual partners or anyone who have males with small penises should seriously consider this.

  • Wives with husbands that have a small penis.
  •  Mothers with sons with a small penis.
  • Any female who has a male with a small penis.

    They need to do the right thing and transform them into a sissy girl that they where truly meant to be. Real life there are men with big cocks and males with little useless cocks that should have been a women. You are the one of many who have the ability to do this and keep sissy males out of the gene pool by denying them any sex with females. Only real men with big cocks should be allowed to procreate.

    This is every women’s job to assure that the gene pool is only built of real manly men and eradicate the small sissy males. You will be doing them a favor because in truth that is what they are inside. Give them a simple easy sissy test. Have them try on a pair of silky, satiny panties. They can be one of your sexiest pairs or just a plain Jane pair. If their little nubbin of a penis gets stiff you know they where meant to be sissified.men_in_panties-0313

    No man would be turned on by wearing panties, only a sissy would.  Some know it but most do not and that is why you need to help them discover the true sissy they are. They can become the girl that they where always meant to be. If they where meant to be a real man they would have a big cock and be able to satisfy your sexual needs.

    Their are some big cocks that are also sissies,they can be transformed also. You will know which big cock is a man and which is a sissy. A man knows how to satisfies a women and use his cock. A sissy with a big cock has no idea how to use his cock or how to satisfies a female and that shows he is a sissy.

    Once you have your sissy transformed and trained to do the house work for you it will be time for your reward for training your sissy. You should start dating real men with a big cock that you can get pleasure from. Some point in the relation ship you will need to tell your man that you have a full time sissy. Then at some point you will need to introduce your boyfriend to your sissy. Make your sissy expose your boyfriends big cock so your sissy knows what a real cock looks like and why you need a boyfriend. Also this is a good time for your sissy to be introduced into cock sucking.

    Your sissy will refuse so to convince him to suck cock, tell him that he will be screwed by the big cock if he will not suck it. Do not let him have any mans cum until he is used to sucking cock to get it hard for your use.  A Mans cum should be a treat for you sissy, in time you can have your sissy give blowjobs. With proper training your sissy will love sucking a real mans cock.

    Sissy Maker (SM)


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