Wife led marriage.‏


Like all sissies my hot wife runs the marriage and what she says goes. That is why I am now a cuckold sissy. Yes, I do wear the panties in the house along with other female garments at all times. I am an educated person but that does not make me a well hung for her needs. I have a small cucklit and even though my wife knew this when we married, she also told me we could work around the issue which we did.  I enjoyed watching her have lovers that satisfied her needs, bring her to multiple climaxes. Even though I am an educated person, I never seen what was coming as she slowly turned me into her sissy. When I did become aware and tried to protest, she sat me down and explained in lengthy detail how things where going to be and what my duties where. I could always choose to leave which I thought about. She reminded me, who would ever marry a person with such a small cucklit.  Once I accepted my faith, I vowed to be the best sissy cuckold possible for my wife.

     I now am a stay at home sissy that serves my dominant wife however she desires. She has locked my little cucklit in a cage as it seems to always be erect. When it is aloud out and given the opportunity to relieve myself, I have learned to lick up my mess. That is how she taught me to desire real men who have bigger manly loads to eat. I am very privileged to fluff her lovers for her. I also am given the privilege of cleaning both of them up after her lovers satisfy her needs. I pay close attention to satisfy her lovers needs, after all they are the ones who pleasure my wife for me. I am happy that she has real men to full fill her sexual needs. I thank them every time before one leaves for pleasuring my wife. I greet them at the door when they arrive ready to undress them. I eagerly take there man hood in my mouth to ready them for her. This is my job so I want to please them, after all they are the ones that full fill her sexual needs for me. I am just the clean up person which I have become fond of the taste and eagerly look forward to the next time one pays a visit to please her. I am so happy that she see me fit for the clean up job and I feel honored to do it.
     I accept the arrangement and how she runs things. I try to be the best sissy cuck I can be. When I do well she lets my cocklit out of its cage and allows me to play with myself. When this takes place she stimulates me by inserting a long rectal probe until I am done. Then I am given permission to clean my mess up. I try to be as obedient as I can since I accepted the life style that was offered to me.
Sissy Cuck.
SM (Sissy Maker)

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