My Greatest Humiliation..


I will spare all the details and tell you what happened last week.

      I met my second wife on the internet or I should say she found my add on there. We both are into kinky sex which was a plus for me. My kinky side was, I enjoyed cross dressing from time to time, watching other men have sex with my wife and on several occasions letting her have three men at once. She liked being the dominant one and B&D along with humiliation which I would give into once in a while as I was not really into humiliation.

This all was great and I loved our sexual sessions which seemed to get better all the time. This worked out nicely due to us both liking kinky sex. Nothing seemed to extreme or wacked out and we both would agree with something before going through with it. We were not into to gross things or bodily harm. Over the first year our married live was normal other than the sex part of it. She asked about my first wife and why we divorced, I told her that she ran off with another man.  Things started to change after that and one evening she sat me down telling me I needed to cross dress the whole time I was at home. This caught me off guard some what and I asked why. She told me my demeanor was much more pleasant when I was cross dressed. I said I had not noticed any change in the way I acted or talked. She reassured me I was much more pleasant to be around and she liked seeing me cross dressed. Since I enjoyed it I agreed to it and went to change into a my favorite items of clothing to wear which was a garter, stockings, panties, and heels.

Once I returned she told me it was time to remove my clothing from our bedroom closet. I asked why and she told me so my wardrobe could increase in size. I was all for that and helped her sort out my clothing keeping only the things I needed to sustain my life as a guy outside the house which was a few items of male clothing. The rest was donated to good will, witch was most all of my clothing.  I was told to do more and more household chores which I did in exchange for the new clothing I was receiving. She would leave to go shopping for my outfits as I stayed home dressed wearing matching bra and panties, garter belt, nylons, and heels doing chores. I learned to do everything it took to run the household and keep it functioning including laundry and meals.

Normally we never entertained so visitors were not an issue but on the few occasions we did have company it was a guy that was there to have sex with my wife, I stayed in the kitchen until called upon. I was always dressed in my garter belt with stockings, panties and heels. The few times her sex partners did come over, I was humiliated by serving them dressed as such.  When the door bell rang last week I was making a light lunch for us. My wife answered the door and I could here it was a woman as she asked her in. They where talking for a few minutes when I was told to being refreshments in for them.

     Entering the room to my horror I saw my ex-wife sitting on the couch.  Looking to the floor as I walked over with their drinks, she saw me and said “what the hell” then started to laugh at me. Her laughing at how I was dressed and knowing I was on full display gave me an erection. My wife told her that she had domesticated me and that I do all the chores around the house dressed as such. My ex said I see he likes it as she pointed out my erection in my panties. I thought I was going to faint from the humiliation as I was told to remain standing there so she could get a good look at me. While on full display my wife said to my ex. I am so happy that you told me about him, I would have never found such a submissive as he is. That is when the light went on in my head. My ex-wife told her about me and that is how she found me on the internet. Then after a few minutes I was dismissed and returned to the kitchen knowing they had known each other all along.
      There is more to this story as time went on, our marriage is still intact but I am no longer a man. I have been turned into a sissy cuckold and do things I would have never thought I would ever do. Those are stories for another time.
 Sissy Cuck Clara.
SM (Sissy Maker)

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