Wife’s Sissy Cuckold.


Now I am a sissy cuckold.

I have always taken my wife out on excursions to have extra martial affairs with different men. Well to put it into proper terms, I really take her out to have other men screw her as I watch. This is a big turn on for me seeing her having sex with another man. She likes it and I enjoy it so we do this as often as possible, usually twice a month or more. She had always talked about trying a black guy but could not get the nerve up to commit to it.

    I took her to a night club one weekend while out on one of our excursions. This particular weekend there was a black man stripping on stage. I made the comment about his large package he had barely concealed in a small jock strap. She just smiled but never took her eyes off him as she watched contently. We had a few drinks which always helped her loosen up and relax. The next time he was up to strip I could tell she was thinking about what it would be like to have him in bed. When his set was done I told her to go talk to him, this took a lot of prompting from me but she finally did go to see him. The security guard was also a black man and he stopped her before she could get back stage to see him. I headed up for another round of drinks and struck up a conversation with a security guard sitting on the end of the bar.
      While making numerous trips up to get drinks and waiting for service I would talk to the guard. I asked if he would be interested in joining us. He told me he had to stay at his post but thanked me for the offer. After several hours had passed we became pretty good friends. I told him about my wife having fantasies about having sex with a black man.  He asked which one was my wife and I pointed her out, she was looking over the crowd of people probably scoping out possibilities. Since he could not come over to us we went up and sat by him. I watched as he looked her over while she settled into her chair.
    We sat and talked as the dancers took there turns on stage. He asked the wife if she had ever seen male strippers before? She smiled and said of cores, as she sipped her drink. So why you both here he asked? I am always blunt and to the point so I told him that we do this occasionally looking for a sex partner to join us for sex back at our room. He of course looked at my wife asked if we where for real and she smiled shaking her head yes. We chatted the whole night and before we knew it was closing time, so we asked him to come back to our room. He agreed and followed us to our hotel.
     Once we where inside I made all of us another drink and my wife went to the bathroom to freshen up, returning wearing only a long red lacy cover-up that was see threw. He smiled and kept his eyes on her as she walked over to pick up her drink. Turning around she let it fall open exposing herself to us as she took a sip. She walked up to him pulling him up by his hand and took his pants off for him. He finished stripping as she took off the cover-up letting it fall to the floor. I was in the process of stripping myself when my wife said, WOW. I turned to see what was going on and was surprised to see the largest cock I had ever seen in my life.
    Once I was naked she pointed out how small I was compared to him saying “Now this is a real cock.” Look at your little thing compared to his. They both laughed at mine as she led him to the far bed pulling him by his huge cock. I sat down and watched as she straddle him working at getting his monster cock inside her pussy. Once she managed to wiggle it in, she sat on his huge cock with her head tilted back as she had her first orgasm making her shake.  Wow she said that was great after regaining composure.
     Slowly she began to move back and forth on his huge cock as I watched her ride him to another one of her climaxes. Then she laid down on top of him as she kept his huge cock inside her pussy. I got up and went to the bathroom taking a look at her fully stretched pussy, filled full with his huge black cock. When I came back out he was on top of her as she was moaning and groaning with each stroke of his big dick. She must have climaxed four more times before he filled her with cum. They both laid together on the bed as he kept his cock in her. Slowly he with drew his big dick out of her and I asked if it was my turn? She looked at me and laughed saying she would never feel my little cock after that huge cock. Besides I want his cock again NOT yours! I never got my chance to have my favorite sex with my wife (sloppy seconds) that night. She stayed in bed and slept with him that night and I woke up to her moans having sex with him again.
    Once we finally left heading home I asked her why she didn’t come back to my bed to sleep with me. She told me that his cock was the best she had ever had, that there was no way she was going to leave his side when she had his cock to play with. I complained about not getting sloppy seconds. She told me I would be lucky to ever have sex with her again after having his huge cock. I was informed about how inadequate I am when it comes to sex and how our excursions out is what has kept us together this long. He is a real man who has the cock to prove it. This turned into a very heated conversation to put it mildly.
   Once we arrived home it continued and I was informed that from now on I would be sleeping in the other bedroom. If I wanted pussy and not a divorce I better do as she says or it will happen. We continued to argue about different things over the next few weeks. In the end she was going to go back to his place for the weekend. I had that time to decide what I was going to do. Live with it or leave, either way she was going to live her life how she wanted to and screw real cocks. She told me I was nothing but a sissy and I had the cock of a sissy. I had to driver her to his place and drop her off Saturday morning, come back and pick her up Sunday night.
    When I picked her up to bring her home she asked what I had decided to do. I told here I would stay and we could work things out. She told me this is how it is going to work. Her words where, you will bring me to him every weekend so I can spend the weekends with him. This was a two hour drive one way so I was not happy but had to do it.  That was part of the deal since I decided to stay. Next she told me I was inadequate to have sex with her and she would keep me if I became the sissy she sees me as. This meant I had to do as she said or she would dump my ass.
     This continued over the next six to nine months or so, during that time I became a cuckold sissy.  Next I learned to eat my own cum when ever I was allowed to play with myself. I have been told that soon I will have to take care of her boyfriend needs, after he moves in with us. We stayed together because I have done as I have been told and have become a sissy. I have adjusted to this because I understand that she needs a real man to satisfy her needs. I realize that I am not that man and like she has explained to me, I took her out to have sex with others because I was inadequate and could not satisfy her sexual needs. I did this not knowing deep in side I was truly a sissy all along. She just needed to explain it to me so I would realize what she said was true.
Sissy Cuckold Hubby.
SM (Sissy Maker)

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