My Bikini Swim Suit.


I met my girlfriend Shannon three years ago and we moved in together six months after meeting. I had told Shannon I enjoyed cross dressing a year later. She was kind of taken back at the statement that I had made. You cross dress? Really? I want to see this, where are your clothes Shannon asked? I went to the basement to get them from my hiding place. When I dug them out Shannon right there as she wanted to see where I kept them. Once I had reveled the location where I had them hid Shannon told me to put them on right there. I stripped and as soon as I put the first article of clothing on (panties) I became erect.

I see you really do like cross dressing don’t you Shannon asked?  Ya… I do and it feels so good and relaxing, how will this affect our relationship I asked?  Well I wished you would have come out and told me sooner when we first met. Does it bother you I asked? No not really, if you want to dress like a sissy that is fine with me. I think you need to cross dress when ever your at home. Really… I asked? Yes, why not? You like it so much and since you hid it from me this long, I think you should dress all the time.

I was not sure how to react at this comment, but in my mind the thought was nice. Come on lets go up stairs and bring all your clothes. I followed Shannon up the steps and into the bedroom where I had to try on every article of clothing I had for her inspection. I was told once I had on my panties, nylons, garter and mini skirt and tank top, that I was to stay in that outfit for the rest of the day. Lets see what we can do with your hair as she told me to go and sit in front of the mirror. She worked with my hair and gave it a spiked look after adding gel. You need to let your hair grow and I will want you to start wearing eye shadow and have your toe nails and finger nails polished also.

I had been doing as told and was practicing putting on my eye shadow when Shannon came into the bedroom and said lets go boating. I have a larger size boat and we enjoyed going out on weekends in it.  We had several lakes within one hours drive from our place. A couple of them had areas where you could anchor of shore and wade to a secluded beach which we did often. Once I had every thing ready to go I went in to change to my swim trunks. Shannon told me that I was to put on the pink bikini laying on the bed. I was hesitant thinking who all may see me. Then I did as told slipping the string bikini on, it felt so good and showed my bulge nicely as I slipped my shorts on over it.

Shannon told me once we are on the water I will have to take my shorts off until we are ready to go home. I did as Shannon told me to do and slipped my shorts off.  Shannon pointed out how my bulge stood out as we took off boating. We drove around for an hour or so then anchored. We walked the beach for a while then set up a picnic lunch all the while I was in my string bikini.  We where laying on the beach getting some sun for a while after eating when I heard voices. I looked around and seen four women walking towards us, but it was to late to do anything. There where in there early to middle fifty’s. They walked up to us and started a conversation with Shannon. I never did sit all the way up, but was laying back resting on my elbows. I knew they where looking at me in my bikini and it out lined my whole genital area nicely. Finally one of them said, nice bikini you have on there. I thought I was going to die, bad enough I was caught in it but to have them comment on it was really humiliating. I said nothing as if not to here them, acting as if I did not move they could not see me. They stayed and talked to Shannon for about five minutes but seemed like and hour. When they left I could here them giggling about me and what I was wearing. Shannon makes me wear it every time we go boating now.
Jim J.

SM (Sissy Maker)


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