Making of a sissy husband.


I cross dressed from a very young age, wearing my sisters clothing. Most of the time I had no choice because my clothes were dirty and my parents gave me my sisters hand-me-downs. My parents did not have a lot of money so they made due with what they had. This meant my older sister would get the newer close and I would get the ones she grew out of. This included her shorts, panties, some tops and some shoes. I was even made to wear some dresses when at home and my clothes were dirty.

Sis would tease me and I would cry until Mom would make her stop. One time Mom was drying me off from a bath and had me step into some nylon panties of my sisters, I was around five or six. By time she pulled my shirt over my head I had an erection. I remember her pointing it out to me and that it was okay that I liked to wear girly clothing. My Dad happened to walk by the open door just then and she made sure that she pointed it out to him saying, look at your son he likes wearing girly clothes. Then she turned me toward the open door for my Dad to see my erection in my panties. He just smiles as to approve of it and walked away not saying a word. I felt in-barest at the time and looked down at the floor.

When I was fourteen I told Mom that I wanted to wear my boy school clothing at home and not my sisters. Mom told me they were for good and to only wear to school not for everyday. Instead I continued to wear my sisters hand-me-downs. As I got older my worn out jeans and shirts became everyday clothing for me to wear. I had some short shorts and panties still in my dresser drawers but would avoid wearing them. By age seventeen I was not wearing my sisters clothes any more. I figured those days were behind me and never thought about it any more.

I graduated from high school and moved out of my parents home. I took some vocational school classes and worked in a restaurant working my way up to manager. I met a girl who was going to school to become a lawer.  We dated for a year or so and I asked her to marry me. We were married six months later.  One day we were moving into our new house and my wife and I could not agree on where some of the house hold items where going to be put. I was very upset and about that time my Mom stopped by to see how things were going. I was not in the best of moods since my wife and I were not agreeing on much. She asked my wife what I was pouting about and she filled her in.

I was putting things away as they were talking and my Mom, to my surprise told my wife to buy me some panties and blouses and other items of female clothing. My wife was as shocked as I was and she asked Mom what she ment. Mom said any time that I was mad about something when I was young, she would put me in my sisters clothing. She said she would dress me as a girl. She said this made me settle down and I would be happy the rest of the day. She added “he looked so cute in his sandals, short shorts, and tank top.”  I thought it was strange that she would tell my wife this and I just blew it off saying, yes sure. My wife laughed and said she would have liked to have seen that. Mom assured my wife that it worked well.

My wife and I for the most part always got along fine with no arguments. Several months passed and I came home moody, having had a bad day at work. I told my wife that I would be loosing my job due to the restaurant closing. I continued coming home in a bad mood for several days due to my job being terminated. My wife took advantage of this and one day when I finished my shower after coming home from work. I went to get dressed and found her sitting on the bed with lacy panties, garter with stockings, high heels, short skirt, and blouse. I asked where was she going beings she was dressing up. That is when I was informed they were not for her but for me to dress in. She told me that is what my Mom had told her to do.

I blew up at her and we fought to the point where I left. Returning home around bed time I went straight to the bedroom and found none of my closes where in my closet and none were in my dresser. I asked her where they were and she told me removed until further notice. I asked what she meant and she told me either I dressed in the female clothes or I would loose all my male clothing. That night I slept on the couch and the next morning when I got up she sat down with me and we had a talk. I was given my work clothes and went to work. I dreaded going home that night but when the time came I took my time and arrived twenty minutes latter than normal. My wife smiled and told me to go take my shower which I did. When I went to the bedroom and found her sitting on the edge of the bed with a little smile. She asked if I needed help and I said no!

I Proceeded to put on the stockings, garter, panties, (by this time I had an erection) I finished up with the blouse and short skirt then the heels. My wife said nothing until I was done and then said I knew you would look great with this outfit on but I had no ides that you would also get excited  over it, as she smiled.

See when we had our talk before I went to work this morning, she told me ether I dressed in the outfit when I came home or face a possible divorce. Since my Mom had told her that I never minded cross dressing when I was younger and that she should try it with me again now that I was older and Mom would help her if needed. I spent that evening cross dresses and my wife loved it stating that I was much more laid back and at ease with every thing that night.

Over the next several months after I lost my job she converted all my clothing to female and I dress 24/7 as female except when I get to go out. Once she had me where she wanted me she started calling me her sissy. I was told not to bother looking for a job, I was to stay home and take care of the house. I am the home maker and do the cleaning, laundry, meals, grocery shopping, etc…now after three years I am a good sissy just as my wife said I would be. She insists that I dress in women’s clothing. Since I have done it so much when I was young I figure it is no big deal. Besides I am older now and I like dressing and being her sissy, and when she buys me frilly clothing I can’t wait to try them on.

Sissy Dave

SM (Sissy Maker)


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