I fluff my wife’s lovers for her.


I am a cross dresser with a small cock. My wife knows I am a cross dresser and has me dress as such while I am home. She was returning home from work around 5:30 pm. it was the last day of the work week. I was looking at porn on the internet as I usually do. This time I was looking at sissies in lingerie. When she seen my erect nubbin of a cock, she asked what I was looking at? I clicked off the sight and had some females being screwed up on the screen. She took the mouse and checked where I had been and opened the page only to see a sissy sucking a black cock.

So you want to suck cock now is that it? I looked down and said no I was just looking was all.  She told me we were going to make a trip to the city for the weekend. You will learn to suck cock and be the faggot I always knew you where. This not only scared me but excited me also. Seeing this she said I knew you were a faggot and now I will train you to become what I always knew you were. I tried to reason with her telling her I was not a faggot and did not want to give blow jobs to men. She grabbed me by my groin and while squeezing said, your a little pervert and you always will be. You will do as told or a divorce will follow understand pervert?  With tears running down my face I shook my head yes.

Once showered I had to put all my girly things on, nylons, garter belt, panties, bra,  tank top, and a dress with heels. My wife told me that I should change into my mini skirt. I tried to protest but she told me to change or else…   My mini skirts barely covered my panties and showed my nylon tops and garter belt suspenders. I did as told to my embarrassment and grabbed my night bag for the weekend. My wife told me to hold up, asking how many outfits did I pack.  I told her three like she had told me but she wanted to check my bag so I dumped it out showing her what I packed. She inspected my outfits telling me to pack my other three mini skirts including only one dress. No male clothing as I had no use for them on this trip.

After repacking we were off to the city arriving about 9:00 pm. to our hotel. I waited in the car as she went in to make room arrangements for the weekend. Once parked I had to walk in dressed as a sissy slut showing the tops of my nylons and garter suspenders. I had a few looks and I know I was red faced walking by the people looking. My wife never made me do anything like that before. We quickly freshened up and I asked if I could put my dress on? My wife looked at me with a scowl, saying NO you faggot your lucky I am letting you wear what you have on. Now lets get going, as we left our room. She had never called me a faggot before so I was taken back by her come back. Looking down I tagged along in shame wondering what the night was going to be like.

We arrived at a night club around 10:30 pm. and I did not want to go in but knew better than to make a fuss. Following her into the low lit bar area, where it was almost full of men and a few females. I was getting all kinds of looks as I felt very embarrassed and sick to my stomach. I was handed a drink as we made our way threw the crowded room to a couch. We sat down and I did my best to keep my mini skirt down over my panties. My wife said don’t worry about that you will be seen by most all of these people tonight for what you are. Still feeling sick my wife never had taken me out in public but once before.

Then a couple of guys came over to talk and my wife invited them to sit and join us. One looked at me asking if I was okay? He must have seen I was feeling sickly. My wife smiled at me when I glanced at her, she assured them I was just fine. She told them that being dressed like a slut was making me nervous. They both smiled and asked for me to stand up and spin around for them to inspect me.  My wife nodded for me to do so, I stood up slowly and turned around slowly for them. Both commented on liking what they saw. My wife told them, they may both have a chance at me if they were okay with me being a sissy male. I thought I was going to die right then and there as they both looked at me and smiled. I kept looking down but could see they were looking at me. They said now way! She is a he? I thought I was going to throw up as my sexuality was being discussed between the three of them.

My wife told them I was a full time cross dresser and liked the thought of sucking a mans cock. That is why we are here, she wants a real cock to suck tonight. Now I knew what this was all about. Stand up missy my wife ordered and lift the front of your skirt so they can see your little nubbin in your panties. I did as I was told and my little cock became stiff as I stood up and slowly lifted my mini skirt for inspection. Seeing that my little cocklit was sticking straight out my wife looked me in the face. See he is all excited to suck on one of you men, aren’t you little faggot. I said nothing and sat back down.

Well gentlemen another drink and we could go back to our room for the night. They agreed and after another drink we left for our room with them following us. She told them to bring there car around and follow us back to the room. We left in our car and my wife asked how I felt about what was going to happen? I told her I felt sick to my stomach and I did not want to do it. Her come back was, then you should have not been looking at cocks if you were not interested in them. She continued saying, I was a pervert and I was going to get what I deserved just like she was going to get a real cock for a change. I was shocked as she had never had another man that I knew of. She informed me that she knew at some point this day would come. Me having an erection when I lifted my mini skirt showing them my panties, confirmed that tonight was the night. I was informed that from now on when we go out I will be wearing a chastity cocklit cage.

Once back at the room I was ordered by my wife to undress down to my under things as they watched. Doing so they started rubbing their cocks threw their slacks. My wife then ordered me to undress our guests so I did.  As each cock sprang out I was told to suck it. I sucked the first cock with hesitation as my wife called me a dirty pervert. Telling the two men that I was such a faggot and that I had been dyeing to suck a real mans cock.  I continued to suck his large cock until the other guy said it was his turn. Not aware my wife had striped naked as I switched to the other guys cock and started to suck.  Looking at me saying keep pleasing him as your meant to. Then she pointed out that my little dicklet was stiff. I kept sucking his cock as I seen the other guy mount my wife. A loud moan came from my wife as I knew he had entered her pussy with his large cock.  Both guys took their turn on my wife as I sucked the others cock.

The night ended and we went out the next afternoon shopping for more outfits for me which she bought. The two guys returned that night just as my wife asked them to. I was told to suck them to completion and swallow. That way they would last longer when doing my wife. I did as told wearing only my nylons, garter and panties as my little thing became erect. It was another long night of sex as they both did my wife a couple of times. After exchanging numbers and giving them our address my wife told them to come over next weekend and stay the night, both accepted and left.

On our way out of the city the next day she stopped at the porn shop and bought a dildo, butt plug and a chastity cage. Thinking the plug and dildo was for her pleasure, she told me I had until this weekend to get used to them. Telling me I would be penetrated the next weekend buy one of the guys. Training would start once we were home, which it did. Although being painful in three days of training I was wearing my but plug most of the day as ordered by my wife. I was told I will be the faggot she always knew that I was and she will have real men for lovers from now on. That was two years ago and I am now a cock sucking bimbo fluffing guys cocks for her to screw.
Cock Sucker Sam

SM (Sissy Maker)


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