Well Behaved Husband.‏


Dear SM.

Just a quick note to you on how well my husband behaves now since visiting you. I enjoy pampering my husband so much and he really enjoys how nicely I treat him. When he comes home from work every night I give him his enema, then I have him take a bubble bath. Once he is all shaved and clean I have him lock up his little cock. Then I have him dress in a garter belt with nylons, short skirt, bra with matching panties, blouse and six inch heels. If I am going to intertain guests or if we are going out for the evening, I apply full makup and do his hair. When he goes to bed he has to wears a baby doll nighty with matching panties.

This did not happen over night, it took a lot of training and disaplin to get him to obey.  He now does it on his own and I have no problems with him any more, now that he has been anal trained so he is aware that he can be fucked by any of my male friends. When I entertain male friends he dresses in his maids outfit along with an anal plug and waits on us as instructed. He does very well and is most obedient when around a real man.

This all started when I caught him looking at sissy porn on the internet. I checked the sights he was looking at and read up on this fetish he had for sissy cross dressers. It turns out he was a small dick sissy all along and now he is treated as one. I believe he does enjoy it especially when he is putting on his articles of clothing. He always becomes sexualy arroused that is why I have to have him chastises.

He seems to enjoy it when I take him shopping for his girly clothes, when he is all dressed up. He is so shy and never wants to talk much when we go shopping but that could be because of his anal being plugged which makes him walk more gracefully and he seems to act more feminen and sissy acting during thoes outings.

This is what he liked to look at on the internet and now he has become one of his favorite kind of people, a sissy girl and he dresses as one. If he miss behaves I make him wear a diaper and pink plastic pants with a baby dress on and matching diaper cover. He absolutely hates it so I do not have many problems with his listening to orders. He after all is pampered with lovely sissy outfits.

Mrs. Holly B.
SM (Sissy Maker)


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