I Am My Wifes Sissy.


My wife was dominant from the time we first met. I saw her as a challenge, she seen me as a subtle person who needed direction. Once married she transformed me into what she said I was always meant to be, a sissy.

I was very lucky today, my wife had applied numbing creamed to my sissy anal and cock so I had no feeling before her two lovers came over today.  I was made to suck them hard and was allowed to watch them take turns satisfying her sexuail needs. I was then made to suck and lick her lovers erections clean then lick her clean. She let them have their way with me as usual. She does this to me almost weekly as it satsifyes her needs and me being used amuses her so. I was in such an aroused state, I did not know my sissy cock was so stiff and hard as I was getting anal penetration from one of her lovers. I was so stimulated by him penetrating me that I had begged for her other lovers cock to suck. I was in such bliss that she masturbated me as they filled both my holes.  I was thankful that she had numbed my sissy cock before hand so I did not ejaculate any sissy cream. Had I done that, she would have called over more of her male lovers and had them gangbang me. That happened once before and I was sore and ripped by their big male cocks. She of cores told me that it was for my own good and that I was not to ever cum unless she told me I could.

I have learned my place among real men and I know I am not a man at all but a sissy for pleasing real men. Their is this one guy who has a large man cock and she lets him have anal sex with me all the time which has stretched me. I no longer cry and she watches to see how I react when his manhood enters me. I have thanked her several times for letting him stretch my bottom to where he enters with ease. This has taken place so many times over the past few years that I have become fond of him and do look forward to his visits.

I enjoy servicing his man hood and when I am laying next to him in bed, he makes me feel so girly knowing how manly he is with his big manknees with mouth open or my rear in the air for her pleasure and to satisfy her lovers any way possible. Humbly submitted by sissy sammy.

SM (Sissy Maker)


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