Cheating husbands new life.


 What follows is the punishment I gave my husband.
My husband is what I would call the perfect sissy. We where married for seven years when I caught him cheating on me. Since then I have transformed him into the sissy he is today. Here is a briefing in short of what has taken place.
After I caught him cheating on Sept 20Th. 2008 I was going to divorce him. The papers where all ready made up by my lawyer since he was not contesting it at all. He asked what it would take to keep us together. That is when I thought up about changing him into my sissy full time. I never thought he would go for it so I told him I would hold off on the papers if he would agree to taking care of all the house chores and making meals.
He had not worked in almost a year so he chose to do it. He has done well and we are still married after six years of him agreeing to this. He has a huge penis which was tightly fitted into a chastity device. His manhood has since shrunk over the years and now fits into a small chastity cage. He wears mostly but not limited to, panties, garter belt with stockings, bra, short sissy dresses with camisole tops, and high heels. His hair is down to his shoulders but all the rest of his body hair is gone. Toe nails and finger nails are polished at all times and he wears full makeup which makes him very passible as a female.
He sucks on real men when ever I want him to and he is allowed to lick me clean whenever I have been serviced by one of my boyfriends. He has accepted his place as my sissy and knows that there is no place else for him other than doing what he is doing. I surprised him last night when I told him for his upcoming birthday I will give him breast implants. He said nothing but his tiers were what I believe was happiness as I petted his head. This has proven to be the best marriage I could ask for and to think it was all do to his infidelity.

 Mrs. Sharon H*****

SM (Sissy Maker)


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