The sissy cuckold‏

1     I met my wife Jill in a bar over six years ago, what a hottie she was. The first year we lived together was great, sex as offen as I wanted it and as kinky as I could imagine.  When we had sex we talked about another male joining us in the bedroom. My soon to be wife was all for this and enjoyed my talking about it as we had sex. She also eventually talked me into cross dressing on occasions. This was after I confessed to doing it in the past. She fantasized of cuckolding a male. As we had sex we fantasized more and more about three sums and other kinky sex.    We married within a year and continued to enjoy our sex fantasies. We ended up going to the near by city where we got a room and went bar hopping one evening. This was in hopes of finding another sex partner to join Jill and I. This didn’t take long since I told her to pick someone and do what ever it took to get him back to the room. She flirted with a guy at the bar and after she finished the drink he had bought her they came over to where I was sitting. We all sat and had another drink as we chatted about what our intensions where. I could see he was becoming aroused as we talked.

     We all ended up back at the room and had a threesome. This took place at least fifteen times over the summer and we both enjoyed it. We only did this in the city because of my job and we did not want anyone local to find out about it. That winter when my wife was out in a neighboring town while I was working late she met a guy.  They had several drinks and she asked if he would go back to our place for a drink. She brought him home and from what I was told he had her naked within fifteen minutes. They went to the bed room and where having sex when I came home. When I entered the house I could here her crying out loudly and by the sounds I knew she was having sex with someone. I walked to the bedroom to find them in bed and he was fucking her with long strokes and his cock was as thick as a pop can I latter found out.
   As I watched them Jill saw me standing in the door way and the look of helplessness, but pleasure was on her face. I turned a walked away, fixing my self a drink I sat down and waited for them to finish as I listened to her uncontrollable cries of pleasure with each stroke of his cock. When the noise subsided I figured she had climaxed at least five times or more. After several minutes they came walking into the living room, both naked and his cock was still semi stiff. Jill looked at me and started to cry saying she could not help it and was sorry.  I looked at his big cock saying don’t worry baby, I under stand and I don’t mind. “Knowing that this was just the kind of cock we always talked about as we had sex”. She regained her composure and introduced us, his name was Jim.
   We all had a drink as they sat on the couch together and she stroked his huge cock. We talked and I told her I was okay with it, and that Jim could visit any time she wanted him to. They had sex on a weekly basis after that night. I joined in once in a while but mostly it was just Jim and Jill as she was into his big cock. When Jim was not around Jill showed less and less interest in having sex with me. When she did allow me to have sex with her I had to be dressed in lingerie. Jill was stretched out to where she admitted to hardly being able to feel my cocklit, yes she called me a sissy with a little cocklit.
    She took over talking about kinky sex when ever I fucked her. I was told at one point that I should submit to her and Jim when they where together. I was in the middle of fucking Jill when she said this.  I ejaculated eminently as she said those words. Knowing this she used it on me whenever we did have sex saying, I was inadequate to fuck her and only Jim’s big cock could use her pussy. I was to be the clean up boy.
   Within six short months I was licking her clean after Jim had fucked her. Soon after that I was eagerly licking her cream pies as I became very turned on by this and my cock would become erect at the thought of it. One night when we had been drinking, Jim striped getting ready to fuck Jill. He stood waiting for her to finish taking her clothes off and as she striped he told me to suck his cock as he walked over to me. I really didn’t think about it. I just did as I was told and sucked the head of Jim’s big thick cock. That alone made a mouth full for me as he started to get stiff. Jill must have been watching what I was doing. She told me that from now on Jim’s cock and her cum filled pussy was all I would be allowed to have for sex. We have been married five years now and for the last year Jim has lived with us. I sleep in the guest room and Jill sleeps with Jim in our bedroom. I have been turned into a sissy cuckold to service both Jim and Jill at there request.
    I still work but now when I get home I change into my sissy clothes and wait on them as they wish. I have been told this is what I was always meant to be, a sissy cuckold to service them and their needs. Jill has read a lot on the internet about sissies and over time has changed my way of thinking. By ways that she calls conditioning me, over time I see now what she has been telling me is true. The reason I need to do what I do is because I need to show my gratitude to Jim and Jill. I am lucky she accepts me for the sissy I am, and that she has kept me.
    I am very pleased that she finally has a real man that she needs to full fill her sexual needs. I will be forever dedicated to sucking Jim’s magnificent cock and cleaning Jill’s pussy. They both seem to be really happy and that makes me happy. What about me? Well I am a cock sucking, cum eating, sissy cuckold. Just as Jill always fantasized about me being and I like it.  Sissy Cuck Dean.

SM (Sissy Maker)


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