How I became my wifes sissy house boy.

3I have been married for eight years, but for the last two years my wife has made me change.  Her not being as sexually active as I would like, unlike me who always seemed to be aroused. I was always aroused and like most men eager to get it on. However my wife had become growingly tired of this and my seemingly endless small erections. She had become so discussed when she would see me with an erection. She would tell me that is not a mans cock at all, it is to small. We had not had sex in over a year at the time and she had been saying that we need to do something to keep my small erections from happening all the time. Over the last two years she has gotten her way by molding me to what she calls the perfect husband.

I don’t become sexually excited as much as I used to because she has made me her stay at home sissy husband.  I do get a small erection when I am dressed in panties which she sees and knows I like them. I have had pills that I take some times to keep from becoming sexually excited except for when she wants me to. I dress like a sissy girl, now that I no longer work because this is what she wants. I do as my wife tells me so that I am not chastised, which is very uncomfortable. I am told over and over that females are the superior to males. I am also told over and over that real man are dominant and have larger cocks than that of a sissy such as myself. I only get erections when she wants me to masturbate for her amusement or when getting new panties or other female clothing. When that time comes she puts numbing cream on my penis and gives me five minutes to climax which I normally can not due.

I am no longer aloud to have any male clothing and kept as a sissy girl taking care of the house and her. She has told me that if I do not obey she will have a friend or two come over and treat me like the sissy girl I am for her amusements. She tells me of things that a sissy girl should do to real men that I want no part of. I listen and do my best to do as I am told. I do not want to be used by men for her amusement. I am now a broken male that is a sissy girl, however I have discovered I like to be cross dressed.

Sissy. C

SM (Sissy Maker)


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