When I met slut Tammi

4I met this girl in a night club one evening, I will call her Tammi when referring to her. The first night I met her she was wearing tight jeans a low cut blouse with high heals. She was looking hot, we struck up a conversation and talked until bar time. She asked if I would drive her home I told her sure so we went to her place. Once their I was invited in, we had another drink and talked some.  The night was very late so I told her I should be leaving, she asked if I would stay so I did. We had sex that first night which surprised me it had gone that fare on a first night meeting. I left in the morning but went back that night and spent the evening with her.

We dated for several months at which time I asked here to move in with me. The first six months went by fast, one night when we were out talk turned to sex. I was asked what kinky things I liked to do? I told her that I would only tell her if she told me what her kink’s where. She was to go first but kept looking down, I knew she was uncomfortable with the talk but I egged her on. Tammi finialy confessed she was a slut, a cock slut who lusted after a different cock every night. I asked if there was any one she was watching in the bar. She said their are a couple of guys she liked that caught her eye and changed the subject to my kinks.
I also was a bit hesitant not knowing how she would accept what I was about to say. Finally I just came out and said it, I like to cross dress. She smiled a bit then asked how far do I dress, in just panties or did I dress the whole nine yards? I told here mostly panties but liked doing it totally as much as I could. She asked me if I would show her some of my panties when we returned home. I agreed that I would but only if she would point out who she was eyeing in the bar. She told me which guy it was, he looked to be a tall rugged muscular guy that was standing at the bar. I was a little hurt at the thought of her wanting him, but turned on by it also.
 During the ride home I asked if she would have liked to have taken the stranger at the bar home. She told me yes, she said that she was aroused thinking about it. I told her that if she had the chance to sleep with him would she want to keep in contact with him after words. Tammi told me she never usually kept in contact with any of them other than when she met me.
Once home I was asked to get a pair of panties and try them on for her to see. I did as she asked, she was pleased when she seen how aroused it made me. Tammi told me that it was fine with her if I wanted to wear panties. From that week on I was panted every day, she would take me shopping for panties which I loved doing. When I had been in panties for about a month I came home after work on a Friday to an empty house. She was out and did not come home until around three AM.
Once she did come home I felt sick to my stomach knowing she was out having sex. I asked what she was doing out that late? Tammi replied, what do you think? I said, you where out fucking some one weren’t you? Tammi confirmed it by saying YES. Than said, you set around here in your panties all the time well I need cock. I can not help it, it is like a drug I have to have it so if you can not handle it than I will move out. I did not know what to say, as we sat their for a few moments saying nothing.
Thinking about it did excite me and I asked if she wanted sex with me. Sure I do, I always do. I stood up took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom where we both striped. Once in bed I put my hand on her pussy to play with it, I could feel the other mans wet cum on it. I was so turned on I mounted her in a second, my dick slid right in with ease. She was sloppy, as I would describe it and it felt great! In about two minutes I climaxed in her, she asked if I enjoyed it with a little sarcastic voice. I told her believe it or not, that was the best sex I ever had with girl even though it did not last long at which I apoligised for.
The next morning we were sitting having coffey at the table when she asked if I wanted her to move out.  Thinking about how I liked the sloppy seconds last night I smiled and told her she could stay. I told her that I knew she was a slut because we had talked about it before. The hard part was coming to grips with the fact she had went out and actually done it with some one else. I confessed I enjoyed the sloppy seconds very much as my cock became erect. Tammi told me there will be a lot more of that so get used to it.
From then on every Friday or Saturday she was out doing what she needed to do. Some times I would get sloppy seconds but not always.  She was a cock slut and I would call her that when I was on top of her having sloppy seconds. She never minded it and even would agree with me saying “Yes I am a cock slut”.
 If we went out of town for the weekend it was understood that she would have a sex partner stay with us at lease one night. This was just the norm that someone would come back to the room with us for her to be used as she liked. She would be passed back end forth until she had enough or we fell asleep. Some times I would fall asleep and she would spend the night in bed with whoever was the lucky man that night. I never wore panties when I knew someone would be coming back to our room for the night.
SM (Sissy Maker)

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