My 30Th birthday

I have been cross dressing for severial years on and off when I met Tie, I told her one night when we were talking that I used to cross dress. She in return said she had a friend that cross dressed and she help him do so. Hearing this I became hard as she noticed this and asked if I was indeed turned on? Telling her that it was a turn on to me, she told me that if I would like she would dress me. Talked turned to my erection and we ended the talk and went to the bedroom.

The next day when we were in town she went to the women’s department and asked me what I would like? I told her panties so she bought three pairs of them for me to wear. Once home I was so excited to try them on but did not want to lead on. Once things were put away she asked if I wanted to try my new panties on? She handed them to me and by the time I got my jeans off I was erect thinking about putting them on. I tried one pair then the other and finally the last pair. Tie was smiling big as I stood with a big erection that my panties were straining to conceal. She told me that since I enjoy them so much I should stay in them the rest of the day so I did.

 The next day she told me to wear one of the other pairs so I did and again stayed all day in the house just wearing my new panties. When the work day came around she told me to wear the last pair under my work clothes which I was more than willing to do.  Over the next several months she had bought me a few items of clothing which she would have me wear when I was home. One night she was teasing me about how I was such a sissy and she was going to take me out in public dressed as such. She could see how excited I got from her saying it.
   My thireth birthday was on a saturday and I thought we would go out for a few drinks and call it a night. When I came home from work Friday evening I was told to shower and change, we were going to the city for the weekend. I asked what was going on and Tie said she rented a sweet for my birthday and we were going to spend the weekend in the city. We took off for the two hour drive and Tie filled me in on what she had planed for me. To start she had bought a complete outfit for me to wear when we go out Saturday evening. I asked what kind of an out fit was it and what did it look like. She told me it was my birthday present and I would need to wait and open it tomorrow.
  We arrived at the room around eight o’clock. I hulled all the baggage to the room and once inside she told me to take off my clothes. I did as I was told and she handed me some cotton, pink and white bikini panties a black clinging sweater and some blue jeans with lycra in them. This made them fight tight and they had no back pockets. They looked great on me and I looked girly. She gave me some white socks and black slip on flats to wear, then did some makeup on me and styled my hair. When I looked into the mirror I saw a nice looking girl looking back, I could hardly believe it was me. Tie told me we were heading down town to go window shopping to get me used to being in public as a girl.  Once down town I felt reluctant to step out of the car, with some coaxing she assured me I looked fine. Tie said to me, act like it is natural and act like the girl you are which made me more relaxed. We shopped for an hour or so going into stores an looking at clothing and shoes that I might like. We then went back to the room for the evening.
  The next day we went for breakfast then back to the room. Around one in the after noon she had me go take a bath then remove all my hair other than what was on the top of my head. Looking at me she handed me some power with a puff and told me to lightly powder my body as she watched. Once done she smiled and ran her hands over my body saying what a nice smooth sissy I was. Then she told me to go and open my present which I did eagerly. Once open there was a pair of black lacy panties, short black mini skirt, white blouse, white nylons and a white garter belt. I became erect right away and Tammy said I see you like it, I smiled at her and said I love it when can I try it on? Well sweetie she said lets do your hair and makeup first then you can dress. Once completed I went straight over to put on my panties. Tie said not so fast sweetie you need to put on your garter first then your nylons and be carful not to put a run in them. I could not believe how lovely they felt as I slid them up my hairless legs. Once on and my panties put on over them I slipped on my mini skirt and blouse. Tie pointed out that I needed to take care not to get makeup on my blouse when putting it on.
  Tie had on a short black mini skirt also with a shiny purple top that hung low around her chest and black panty hoes. By six thirty we were heading out to the car when a nice looking man was eyeing both of us. Tie said you better get used to men looking at you tonight. We grabbed a bite to eat then went clubbing for the rest of the night. We had men buying us drinks and setting at our table talking to them. I did not talk much and when I did it was very low but I knew they knew I was a guy but they never said anything. When it was time to go they wanted to leave with us but we managed to go alone. We went back to the room at two thirty in the morning. It was the best birthday I have ever had.
SM (Sissy Maker)

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