How I married and became a sissy.‏


This is my story of how I became a full time sissy. I have always had a kinky side and loved sex like most men. I dressed in my sisters panties on and off growing up which led me to cross dressing at home. I had a few outfits and a lot of panties and lived alone. I had dated several girls to which I told my fetish to. They seemed more curious about it than they were into it, so after my last girlfriend I stopped telling girls about my fetish. All was fine as I dated around until I found my special love of my life. We dated for about nine months and sex was great. Her being a lawyer who made very good money was also a high point. I did not dress in any of my female clothing anymore so when talk turned into her moving in I threw all my girly stuff away. Now liberated from all of the temptations I was ready to move on. My girlfriend moved in with me and  after ten months of doing so we married. Sex was great and I did not miss my panties at all. Thinking I was over being a cross dresser since I had no urges or even thinking of doing so any more, married life was good. This continued on for the next year with no thoughts of it at all. One Saturday when the wife had to work I started looking at sex sights on the internet to try and add some new action to the bedroom. I was doing this in the den and the computer was located against the side wall. If you came into the room you could see what was on the screen clearly. The web sight ended up taking me to some cartoons called Prissy Sissy. I was amazed by them and enjoyed looking at these cartoons along with there captions. I did not know it was so late and that my wife had come home and was standing in the door way watching me. I was startled when she came in and asked me what I was looking at. I chocked up as she came along side of me looking at the cartoons. I blew if off as saying that this screen came up and caught my attention. Her come back was, “It caught your attention”?  I stammered and said well kind of, I was checking to see what it was all about. She said “well I have been watching you for a few minutes and you seemed really interested in them”. “No”, I replied as I clicked off the screen and shut down the computer. I got up and walked out as she followed close behind me I quickly changed the subject. What would you like to eat this evening honey, I asked thinking what a close call. No more was said of it.

    I continued to view these comics on and off finding them sexually arousing as I sometimes played with myself. I hand no way of knowing that my wife had been checking on what sights I had been frequenting. Then one evening she came home a bit earlier only to catch me on a sissy sight. She came in quietly as I was reading and jacking off to a sissy story. Once I climaxed she then made her presents known, saying another sissy story? I almost passed out with fright knowing I had been caught. I clicked off the sight as she told me to pull up my pants. While I was doing so she took the computer mouse and checked the history on the computer and could see the sights I had been looking at.
    Well, well, well, it looks like you have been on the computer most of the day and from the sights you been looking at, seem to be all sissy sights. Then she pulled up one that had a male dressed as a sissy girl showing her self with her pant down. So this is what you like, she asked as she looked me in the eyes?  I was stunned at the thought she was looking at what I had been viewing most of the day. Feeling scared and trying to come up with an explanation as she shut down the computer. All I could say was “No”. Turning to me as she stood up putting a hand on my arm saying “I under stand”, then walked out of the den. Nothing more was said that night.
   The next day when she came home with packages in her hands, I was told to follow her. As I entered the bedroom she was laying the packages on the bed, then she turned to me and said, you have been frequenting sissy sights on the computer for some time now. I tried to protest but was told to be quiet and listen. Since you seem to like sissy sights so much I took the liberty to look up this fetish of yours on the internet. What I found was some what of a surprised to me, but also made me see what you truly are. I will give you one of two choices to make. Swallowing hard I asked what she meant?  I was told I could become her sissy. She continued by saying that my cock was not actually the size she preferred any way. She said, I know that real men have nice big cocks not thin like yours. You can submit or you can have a divorce and be out in the street, it is entirely up to you at this point. You Choose! These packages here are for you to change into or you can accept the alternative. If you choose to be a sissy you will have all the domestic house chores. She walked toward the door turning to say, “the choice is yours to make”!
      I asked if we could talk this over but she informed me she had done her research and this is what she had decided. I was to make my choice.  Then she held up a ruffled baby doll nighty with matching panties, saying you can wear this to bed tonight it is your choice.  My wife could see my erection through my jeans and said, well by the looks of it you have made up your mind already. I am going to go take a shower, when I am finished I expect you to be changed into one of these outfits.
         When she walked out of the room I sat down feeling my stomach in knots. I slowly started to undress as I came out of my daze. I put on a white starter bra and a white ruffle blouse, black short skirt, lacy top anklets with a small bow on them and a pair of white statin panties also with a little bow in front and a pair of black heels.
    I was sitting on the bed when she came back from her shower. Well I see you did made up your mind. Stand up you sissy and let me look at you. I did as told as she inspected me then lifting my skirt to see my erection in my panties. Well you seem to like what I have bought for you sissy, don’t you have anything to say after I bought you all of this? Thank you honey I said.   You will refer to me as Mistress from now on and I will be calling you Beth, sissy Beth. Yes Mistress. Now lets discard all of those male clothes and get your undergarments in your dresser Beth. You will now be staying in the gust bedroom. I will not have a sissy in my room Beth. Yes Mistress. She told me she will transform me into the kind of sissies I was always reading about. Mistress asked me how I felt about her transforming me. I told her excited and scared at the same time.
    That was how it all started six years ago. Mistress has several boyfriends now who pay frequent visits. I am her full time maid and house keeper and kept dressed like a whore all the time.  She enjoys showing her boyfriends what I will do for her. Mistress has me beg her lovers to suck their cock for them. When I do this she tells me that she is so happy she found out that I was a sissy faggot. She also tells me, it looks like I really enjoy sucking her lovers cock. She says that if I do a good job I can clean both of them up when they are done having sex. Naturally I always do a good job and always get to clean them both up.
     I am a cock sucking, cum eating, sissy faggot. I thank mistress for allowing me to serve her and service her lovers. I never thought I would become the kind of sissies that I read about all those times, but I am. This is what I was always meant to be says Mistress. Lately she has been asking me how I feel about breast implants. She told me for my coming birthday she will give me breasts if I want them. I have been thinking about it a lot and think I just as well complete my transformation. I do try to be the best sissy I can and do look forward to the visited from her boyfriends. By completing my transformation I will be the true sissy for life and hopefully more pleasing to look at.
      Sissy Faggot Beth.
SM (Sissy Maker)

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