Transform them young to achieve the best results.

Transformation suggestions.

  If a sissy is trained when young she can develop into a beautiful and useful girl. Most sissies when they see how pretty they look when dolled up or when they get to wear pretty clothes, seem to accept it better. They seem to realize that if they look pretty and girly that they must be a girl and are willing to accept it better. Training them to be useful sissies becomes much simpler when they accept what they truly are.

Keeping any sissy chastised and milked at the proper time is key to successful training. They even start to enjoy there new sexual transformation and look forward to becoming a real girl. I have seen males depressed as young boys only to bloom into a happy girl when milked during transformation.

Once conditioned as they get older they seem to satisfy their boyfriends eagerly any way they can. They seem to melt into a real mans arms and like the thought of possible marriage. The older they are the harder to train and transform them but still this can be achieved and can still deliver one to be very feminine.

However they do not always transform into a beautiful girl as well as when started young due to age.
SM (Sissy Maker)

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