How to deminstrate the uselessness of a sissies penis.


I use several different breeding sows (Pronounced “Sow” as in adult female pig) however these are adult human females with the “Earned Title” of “Sow” that I use to help train. They are upstanding citizens which volunteer there assistance.

These breeding sows or “cock sows” as I referred to, help train sissies. When a sissy is at a certain point in her training, a “cock sow” is brought in for the sissy to try and have sex with.

All though the sissies have their genitalia tied off and lots of numbing cream rubbed in, the sissy is allowed to try and have intercourse with the “cock sow”. This will be the last time the sissies clity will ever enter a vagina. The sissy is allowed to penetrate the vagina and try to ejaculate in it.

The ejaculation never takes place because of the nuce around the genitals which will not let the sissy climax and the numbing cream leaves their nubby penis with no feeling.

The “cock sow” is not stimulated by the small erection at all. There for she never lets out a sound or any sexual emotion other than maybe a laugh or a reinforcement comments to let the sissy know that there is no enjoyment for her.

“Some times their may be more than one sissy at this training point in the procedure”.  The sissies are allowed one minute on the “cock sow” as the other would look on. Once the one minute is up the next sissy takes its place on the sow.

Once the session is over a real man or “Cock” is brought in. He then takes his turn on the “cock sow” to let the sissy or sissies see how much pleasure he gives the sow. The “cock sow” is in extreme sexual excitement as soon as the large cock enters her. She is brought to climax is within minutes in a frenzy of sexual pleasure with loud moans and squeals of delight.

This is all done to help reinforce their sissy status in life, as a permanent sissy. The sissy now knows she is no longer any sexual pleasure or stimulant to a female at all.  That is why they are sissies and why they will always be a sissy. Which is the whole purpose of this training exercise.

This is the point in time that its little penis is locked up in chastity. There told how worthless the little thing “clity”  is as this takes place. Most often they are in tears as they face reality for the first time.

SM (Sissy Maker)


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