My sissy husband is revieled to me.


I thought my husband may have gay or sissy tendencies. Not going into detail I have had contact with his ex-wife. She has told me he used to cross dress when they were together which led to there breakup.

I would have never thought that of him and wondered if what she had said was true.  I started watching things he said and did but it only made more questions with no answers. One night being some what tipsy after being out we were talking about sexual things. I brought up sissies and he said he never had herd of such a thing.

I brought it up a sissy posting on the computer and had him read some stories. He acted as thou he did not want to but I insisted he read one.  He finely sat down a read a story I had picked out for him to read. I could see he had an erection from reading it. Once he was done he turned off the computer and came to bed.

I made the comment about his erection and he said reading sex stories turned him on, we had sex that night.  Over several months I gradually had him read more sissy stories that I picked out. Now knowing that he becomes aroused I make him read sissy stories out loud to me while he is naked and watch him get erections as he reads. When the stories turn to sucking cocks or when a sissy is getting his sissy hole screwed by a real man, my husband member throbs and stands straight up.

Since our readings I also have him naked as we look at transgender or sissy pictures. It is so amusing to me because he tries so hard not to show how it turns him on. He is such a sissy and I have made some small changes to our life style. I have introduced girly clothing into this, he now wears panties all the time and when he wears a garter belt and nylons I let him have sex with me. He still has not confessed that he used to cross dress but I now know it is true because he did not protest much when I told him to wear his panties and other lingerie.

SM (Sissy Maker)


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