Caught & Transformed

3Confession of another sissy caught playing with himself.

    When the wife caught me playing with my cock she was furious that I would play with it. So after her long verbal assault on me about it, that day finally came to an end. The next time I was more carful so not to be caught but caught I was, in the shower. This time she was more than prepared for my perverted actions. I was verbally abused by her to the point I would do anything to have her stop.

    She suggested I shave my privet area and submit to being in chastity. I did as ordered and shaved my genitalia. Once out of the shower and dried off, I was ordered into the bedroom.  She was waiting for me in their with something in her hand.  As I entered she told me to approach her, spread my legs and let her install a chastity cage she had bought since the time I was caught. l did as I was told and as she installed it she informed me she had bought the smallest one she could find. Then I herd the lock snap into place.

     I was told to turn around and bend over. I did as told to please her and she smacked my bottom several times as she said “you will listen to what I say from now on under stood“? YES I said… A few more smacks as she said “And obey me understand” Yes I said… Very well then was her reply. Now put these panties on, your no longer a man but you are a sissy from now on. You can put a white T-shirt on and nothing more for the evening. I stepped into the yellow panties with little pink and white flowers all over them and pulled them up over my cock cage and butt. Then pulled a clean T-shirt on over my head. That looks so much better she said… from now on you will wear panties, and if you miss behave you will have a different punishment delivered to you Pervert… I looked at the floor with my head down and answered, YES honey.  Then she snapped back saying, you will call me “Mommy” from now on understand? YES MOMMY!  Now go sit in the living room where I can keep a watch on you pervert.

    I didn’t like what she had called me nor did I like the panties I had to  wear but I did as she said.  After the sting wore off my bottom from the spanking I thought about my predicament and became erect. Well not erect but stiff due to the chastity I could not get erect. The cage restrained me very well and made it very uncomfortable to sit there. Moving around to get more comfortable, she noticed my squirming. What is the matter, things not feeling good now? I am okay I replayed still trying to get comfortable. Well lets just see she said. Stand up and drop your panties NOW! I did as she ordered, then she inspected my genital area.  Well, Well, Well looks like some one really likes her panties and chastity cage. You seem to really like it don’t you? Well don’t you?  Aaaa, Yes Mommy  I replied. Then I was told that I will adjust very well for what she has in mind for me.  You seem very aroused, too bad you can not touch it or have it let out. This will be for your own good, you will see.

  SM (Sissy Maker)


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