I am Sissy Maker “SM” I have turned my husband into a sissy. Once he realized this was his true calling he transformed into a sissy with delight. He knows this is what he was meant to be and also knows he will never be a man. There is no turning back he will be a sissy for life.



My sissy husband.

Shemale girlfriend convinces me to become a sissy.


I met a very attractive girl “Kim” at a convention. After spending much of the day with her, I asked her out to dinner. She accepted and we met at a well-known eating establishment. The dinner went well and we got to know each other a little better. To my surprise she only lived an hour from me which was in the city.  We then went to an upscale bar for a few drinks before parting ways for the evening. I was very attracted to Kim but only gave her a little kiss because she seemed a little stand-offish. I did not want to push the matter or my luck at this point. The convention was ending the next day and I only spent a few hours with Kim before she had to leave. I asked if I could see her again since she lived so close to me. Acting sheepish she finally gave me the name and address of the night club she frequented in the city. She told me I could find her there on most weekends working the bar.

Once home I waited three weeks before managing to get away for the weekend. I headed to  the city and found the night club down town. I was a little taken back by the night club because I knew the clientele they catered to was not the people I hung with. I was a bit hesitant to go in but knew this was a chance to see Kim even if she was working. I walked in to find a lot of people and it was only around eight PM.. I finally managed to work my way up to the bar. I asked the bartender as I ordered a drink, if Kim was working? He informed me she was working the bar in the back so I slowly made my way through the crowd to the back. I could see Kim working the bar but it was slammed with people trying to get a drink so I waited for half an hour before making my way up to get a drink. Kim was happy to see me but did not have time to talk so we set a time to meet after the club closed.

Kim showed up for coffee where we had arranged to meet. We talked for an hour and a half when she got up to leave. I told her I had a room if she cared to join me for the night? She hesitated a bit before finally declined my offer. She did give me her address and I was to stop by around one in the afternoon the next day if I was still in the city. Of Corse I stayed in the city so I could hookup with Kim the next day. I arrived right at 1:00 pm. just as she asked. We had a very nice afternoon together but I still was not able to get as close to her as I was hoping but I was not going to give up. Upon leaving I did manage to get a hug and a nice kiss from Kim.



We continued to see each other a few times a month to go out and eat, but mostly called and text each other. Slowly I seemed to get closer to her as she let her guard down more. I figured she had been hurt bad at some point in a relationship and I did not want to ask or re-fan the flames of old memories. At some point I told her I was interested in more of a relationship than just going out to eat. She softened up more as time went on and after many months of dating I managed to make some moves on her. She gave in one night and to my surprise when I reached into her panties she had a cock. This shocked me and I had no idea how to handle it as I pulled away from Kim. She told me she tried several times to tell me but just couldn’t. Then she started to cry and I was at a loss as to what to do. I ended up hugging her but was still surprised by what just happened. Eventually we both regained our composure and we talked about it. I finally became okay with it and asked if I could see her cock? When she removed her panties her big cock sprang out. I say “big cock” because Kim had a bigger cock than I had.



We stayed up almost all night and I did get over it after much talking , then she introduced me to her cock. This was the first time I ever touched another cock and I found it to be very interesting seeing it erect when she was naked. I even managed to get an erection with out trying. I guess I was turned on by the beauty of Kim, I don’t really know. We spent the next day together and talked a lot. When we parted for the week I looked it up on the internet to better understand things. We continued to see each other and over time I asked Kim why she chose the shemale life since she had a bigger cock than mine. She told me she never felt like a man only a sissy and wanted to be a girl. She asked if I ever thought about being a girl but I told her no I had not. Over time I thought about it more and more and decided to get more details off the internet. When we met the next time I told her I did some research on the internet. Kim asked what I thought about it? I told her I figured it was the right choice for her situation. Kim asked, what about your situation? I didn’t know what she meant and asked what she trying to say?

You have a small penis and I can’t imagine you didn’t look into it on the internet while researching my choice of life style. So what are you feeling and do you want to talk about it? I could tell Kim had been thinking about our situation by what she had said. I still asked her what she thought. Kim flat out told me I should become a sissy and see if becoming a girl would be something I would want to become. Starting out as a sissy would be the first step and with my small cock it only seems natural I should chose such a life change. I was some what shocked Kim would say this to me. Kim took my hand and we sat and talked about it.  I told her this was all to fast and I had to think things over. A week went by before we talked again, this time she came over to my place. We didn’t talk about it until a few hours had passed then Kim asked if I had given the sissy life more thought? I told her I had and I even looked it up on line. So what do you think now she asked. I still didn’t know I told her.


Kim explained why she thought I should consider becoming a sissy and she would help me. I told her I was not interested but over time she did persuade me and  over time, slowly turned me into a sissy. What could I say, the past year I had been dating a shemale and sucking her cock so I guess it probably started then. I also have a smaller cock than real men and certainly smaller than Kim’s which she kept pointing out. Kim also pointed out my slender build and almost a girly figure, I would transition easily.  So over time I did slowly become a sissy .

Long hair, long fingernails, lots of makeup practice, practice walking sexy, and the list goes on and on.  After eighteen months of living as Jamie, Kim introduced me to a few men that like sissies. I look like a girl more than a sissy boy, but until I get my breasts I am called a sissy. I have been a sissy for some time and I actually met a guy who has taken an interest in me as a girl. He is encouraging me to get my breasts done, so I know that will be happing soon. I feel good about myself and feel more comfortable being a girl than I ever did trying to be a man. I am looking forward to my new breasts so I am not called a sissy anymore.


“SM” Sissy Maker

10 Reasons to date a Sissy


 10 Reasons to date a Sissy

1. Your real girl friend or wife spends most of her time wearing pants, sneakers
(or flats), a tee shirt and a scowl. Your sissy girlfriend wears high heels,
pretty dresses or skirts and sometimes nothing but a bra and a smile!!
2. Sexy lingerie. Your sissy girl friend will love to model sexy lingerie for
3. Your sissy girl friend does not think giving you a bj is demeaning or
degrading. She will be proud to kneel in front of you and yes – she SWALLOWS!
4. Your real girlfriend probably thinks anal sex is painful and nasty. Your
sissy girlfriend will actually BEG for it and moan with pleasure as you shoot
your load into her. Always ready to have anal sex.
5. Costumes? Your real girlfriend probably calls you a sick pervert if you want her
to dress up like a hooker, schoolgirl, playboy bunny or French maid. Your sissy
girl friend will enthusiastically submit to your desires!
6. Your real girlfriend probably thinks you watch too much sports. Not your
sissy g/f though. She will make snacks, serve drinks and give you a nice,
relaxing bj during halftime or the 7th inning stretch.
7. Your sissy girl friend will never get pregnant and take you to the child
support cleaners.
8. Your sissy girlfriend will not nag. Her favorite expression is “yes, sir.”
9. Is your place a little disorganized? Your real girlfriend probably calls you
a slob. Your sissy girlfriend will be delighted to come over and clean it up and
she will wear a cute outfit doing it.
10. Your sissy girlfriend loves to cook, do laundry, run errands and take care
of YOU! And if you have friends that wish to share , she willingly let you pass her around.

Continued from the doctor visit.

Continued from the visit to the doctor. When he found out I was a sissy. He referred me to this school for sissies.



My schooling started that Saturday and I arrived one hour before class. I was met by Miss Smith who escorted me to a room which I was told would be my room. On the bed laid the a sissy outfit I was to wear. I was informed to change into my new outfit and put my clothing I was wearing into the tote. I was instructed to ring the buzzer once I had finished. I did as I was told and had an erection immediately. Once I rang the buzzer she returned with a cart in which she loaded the tote onto. Then she told me my erection was forbidden in school until authorized. She told me, she would be right back and returned with a pill. When taken it would keep my cock limp no matter how aroused I became. Taking the pill my erection subsided after a bit.


Just as I sat down to relax, two orderlies showed up at my open door. Miss Smith informed them I had taken my relaxer with no issues and I should be calm for at least the next hour. The two orderlies told me to come with them and I did as I was asked. While we walked down a long hall I asked where we were headed. Both being very tall and strong men, one told me to the exam room for Dr. John to give me a checkup. Once in the room Dr. John told the two orderlies they were excused. Closing the door behind them self’s as they left. Dr. John asked how I was and how I felt? I told him I was fine in a nervous voice. He followed up by, I see your ready for school. A quick exam and I can release you for class. Pricking me in the finger tip he took a blood sample then applied a bandage. He listened to my heart beat and took my blood pressure. You can relax he said your pressure is high but that can be expected when a person is here for the first time. We should check it again tomorrow after you have had time to adjust a bit. Then he told me to stand up and remove my panties. He told me to bend over as he slipped one finger into my rear and felt around. Removing it and disposing of his glove he wrote something in his notes. Standing semi naked he felt my groin and inspected my cock. Then he told me to get up on the exam table and lay back. He then installed a chastity cage on my cock telling me erections were not allowed unless autherised. Then He said I could get down and put my panties back on.


Your all set he said as he opened the door to the two orderlies standing their. You can take him to class he is ready. I was escorted to another building by an underground passageway. Once we reached the school I seen probably twenty or so sissies dressed in sissy outfits varying in ages. One instructor was telling who should report to which room. I witnessed one younger than me who had wetted himself and was being taken away. I later saw him dressed in diapers and plastic pants with a baby dress on and socks with lacy trim. The dress did not cover his plastic pants at all, they were exposed. I was told to go to room three where I took a seat along with sixteen other sissies around my age.

Class started with a female teacher by the name of Miss Dailey. We were told all about what was going to happen and what would be expected of us. How training would take place and what we needed to do to be accepted for placement. Placement is where you have completed schooling to become a perfect sissy to be placed with a person who wants a sissy for their very own. Now during this three-hour talk along with a few demonstrations, a couple lost their blather control and wet themselves. They were taken by the orderlies. We were told they would be put in diapers and kept as sissy babies. There was a demand for them also and would finish their training and live wearing diapers. The mess was cleaned up and class resumed. Miss Dailey told the class some sissies who lose blather control from the thought of their training will be trained differently. They will be the sissy babies and dress as such for the rest of their schooling.

90e930884be4bb6980b67e5faf53448c--baby-pictures-couchesWhen class finished we were all taken by the nursery where we saw the ones who pee in class. Wearing short dresses which did not cover their bottoms, the diaper cover read “sissy pee baby” which was sewn on in black letters visible for all to read.  These two were crying when we saw them. While we watched one was taken to a wash tub and stripped naked by three nurses who gave him and enema. We continued to watch for about thirty minutes as they hosed him down. Once dried off they powdered him heavily  and diapered him again. Then the next one had his turn. While they were finishing powdering him and diapering him two nurse maids entered the room. Dressed only from the waist down they had big tits and each took a baby sissy and put a tit in his mouth. They were told to suck both tits dry before they could go back to their beds.


Back in our privet rooms the morning started out with a small cup containing five pills which we had to take while the orderlies watched. I had no idea what they where for but figured they all helped turning you into a sissy some how. Everyone was taken to shower and have hair removed. One particular boy named Danny, eventually changed to Danielle had a very long and thick cock which everyone took notice of.  Makeup class was next as we learned how to apply it and what colors to use. Eventually our hair would grow out and we could choose a hair style and try different ones, until then we wore wigs. We had three meals a day which were catered to keep us fit and trim. The evenings we were returned to our own privet rooms.


We had no control of the television but could hear it and see it. They played advertisements of sissy school and former sissies who had placement showing how happy they where. Some times they played shows of class room teaching. By time the first two months had passed some where feeling tender in places on our bodies and weaker feeling, becoming tired easily and showing budding tits. The only time you had a chance to talk to others was during lunch time and then you were monitored so speaking was at a very minimal. Eventually we completed three months of schooling and were allowed to talk among ourselves. We all looked like girls now, some more than others and everyone had girl names. Mine was changed legally to Beth.

By the fourth month we where for the most part transformed into sissies.  We had dildo training and slept with anal plugs to stretch out anal cavity’s for easer penetration and it also alleviate any pain when being penetrated. Sucking other men’s cocks and allowed them to have intercourse with us was things we were told about. There was one who entered classes late in the fourth month and was restrained for the first month until they broke his will or had him so drugged up he just gave in. Most of us where there on our own willingness to transform however a few had to be their due to forced sissy-fication others had been placed by parents.


We never had erections due to the pills we took but by the end of the fifth month that pill was missing. When I went to class three of us showed up with erections, and the rest of the class could not stop talking about it. When class started Miss Dailey asked for more orderlies to come to the room. When they showed up the other two sissies and I were taken in front of the class and had to remove out panties and dresses. Standing in what was left of our lingerie and a raging erection. Miss. Dailey told the class to look at our erect cocklit’s and asked if any student wanted to suck one of us to completion. There where two who raised hands and were told to come and kneel and suck us off. I ejaculated in under a minute and so did the other two.


The next day all three of us were locked into chastity cages. We where only allowed to wear stockings with garter belts. We were dressed this way for the full fifth month with no other clothing. Miss Dailey used us as examples of premature erections which needed to be controlled. The three of us sat in front of the class off to one side and were called upon for demonstrations. None of the others wore chastity and had their full sissy outfits on. We where the three that were penetrated with dildos, anal plugs, and strap on’s. We demonstrated how to deep throat using dildoes and eventually sucking each others erections. On days when class ended and we did not get to suck each others cock, the three of us had to go to the pleasure room where we were kept naked and our chastity cages removed. Naturally we all three had erections when it was removed from our cocklit’s and were told to lick and suck each others cocks until each had climaxed. If we missed a drop we had to go to the discipline room.


Bobbie always ejaculated with a flood of seamen and we could never catch his full load due to the amount he/she produced. We had to take turns sucking his cock, one sucked one day the other the next. The discipline room varied from pleasing other orderlies orally, or taking an ass whipping while strapped to the rack.  Sometimes you were made to sit on a chair with a dildo affixed to it so it was up your ass all the while you sat in the chair. The dildoe changed from time to time becoming bigger and bigger as you sat on it all the while some one may have his cock in your mouth.

Sometimes an orderly or whoever may have anal sex with you while strapped to the rack, or anal plug insertion then it would be pumped up expanding and stretching your ass. The other treatments I never experienced but others did and they included, “cock deep throat training” where they strapped them down and had males take turns fucking ones mouth sticking their cock down ones throat until you gagged for air. I heard some where fucked in their ass while having their throat fucked. Many other discipline actions also took place, so you would not want to disobey when told to do something. The one extreme one was when the unruly one who had joined our class late in the fourth month and was strapped down ended up being castrated. We watched it in class live by television as it took place. He returned to class by the ninth month feminized and really girly looking with budding breasts. He even acted girly now and was made to strip naked for the class to see his now small a shrinking penis he had from hormone treatments and castration. The remainder of his cocklit looked like a large clit now with no balls.


The eight and ninth month we perfected our sucking and deep throating techniques until we had them to perfection. We giggled like girls and the tits where starting to show nicely on some of the sissies. We started sharing rooms for the last three months and were allowed to explore each others bodies in our own rooms. I ended up rooming with Bobbie and he liked fucking me whenever he could. I did learn to swallow his big loads of cum and we played with other girls in our class as well.

The last two months we had many visitors who we entertained one on one and some times had parties where we were game for anyone who had a desire to play or have sex with one of us sissy girls. Danielle who had the large cock was always in demand and usually was chosen first by clients for a play toy. Their was one well dressed man named Mr. Winslow who frequented the school and always took Bobbie and I for a weekend to his place where we played with each other while Mr. Winslow  watched. When we went to bed we all slept together where we were each penetrated by Mr. Winslow before falling to sleep. First thing in the morning Bobbie had to suck Mr. Winslow cock while I was being sucked by Mr. Winslow  until both of us climaxed. He preferred my smaller load compared to Bobbie’s big load.


The day came for our graduation in which allowed sissies to be placed or be taken back home by there parents. The ones who had no place to go where placed into beauty salons to cut hair etc… Mr. Winslow who would take Bobbie and I, wanted both of us for his own pleasures. We both ended up at his place, Bobbie was going back to the school to help with training other sissies when cock sucking time came. Since he had such big cum loads he was used for the new sissies to suck him off and practice swallowing his big loads. Eventually Bobbie ended up being a full-time employee of the school and lives their. I am still with Mr. Winslow and it has been three years now. I am his sissy girl and I take care of him and his place. Something I never thought would happen to me but I am happy. I never regretted going to the Doctor who referred me to sissy school. Mr. Winslow has wanted me to have breast implants to his likings. I told him I will do it since I am a sissy any way I just as well have beautiful breasts. That pleased Mr. Winslow very much and I had to suck his erection for that. I am a happy sissy who has found her place.

Happy sissy who has found her place.

“SM” Sissy Maker

Cuckold turn transsexual marries.

                       imagesC20H8I51                         1

My wife slowly cuckold me over the years and I let it happen. Knowing all along she was sleeping with other guys. Sex became a thing of the past for her and I. One day she admitted it to me. I guess she thought it would piss me off and make me leave. I told her I knew she was screwing other guys. She asked if I was pissed and I told her at first I was but then just accepted it. She asked how long I had known? I told her for at least a year now. Knowing this she told me she would be bringing her current lover to the house for the weekend. I was opposed to the idea, but what was I going to do? I told her it was alright and did she want me to be around or not. She told me she did not care if I stayed or not, so I figured I would stay.


Friday evening he came over with her on his arm. She introduced Ted to me and told him I was the inadequate husband which he took the place of. I just turned and went to the kitchen and brought us some beers back. While sitting in the living room sipping beer Sheila told me how big of a cock her Ted had compared to my small cock. I took her word for it and said I was happy she found some one with a cock that pleased her. I then told Ted thanks for fucking her as often as you do. This raised and eyebrow from both of them. Sheila asked, are you thanking him for fucking me? Yes I am, I am happy you found a cock that satisfies your needs. Oh he does that just fine don’t you Ted she gloated.

While they finished the beer, she told me she would be experiencing that again shortly. When they finished they headed to our bedroom,. She turned around just to tell me I needed to sleep in the other bed room the rest of the weekend. I knew I would be doing that anyway and had most of my close moved into that room already. Picking up the beer cans and disposing of them and cleaning the table tops, I headed to my room. Passing by our bedroom closed-door I heard my wife’s sound of sexual pleasure that I once gave her. I lingered for a few seconds to hear the moaning sounds of pure sexual ecstasy. My wife was being screwed in our bed by her lover, I thought as I continued to my room. I wondered about the size of Ted’s cock, which made her so happy. I found myself getting an erection thinking about it. That night I jacked off thinking about Ted’s big cock stretching my wife’s pussy wide and filling it full of his cum. Just as that picture entered my mind I shot my load. I wondered how much more cum Ted put in her pussy compared to what I just shot in a towel.


This continued for the next five or six months Ted spent the weekends. He and I actually become friends talking about various interests which we both had. My wife Sheila, one day told me she had decided to let Ted move in with us and make it a permanent thing. If I did not like it I could leave. If I stayed, there had to be some changes made. I was going to have to wear some panties since I was not the man of the house anymore. I was against the idea from the start but then I was against every idea she brought up. I always ended up doing as she said any way. She had bought me several pair of skimpy panties for me to wear.  I was fine with it and wore them as I was told to.  Ted had been fucking her for so long he seemed like one of the family and he was more manly than I ever was. So he moved in and soon I was seeing him walking around in jut his underwear. I could tell by the bulge in his underwear he had a big cock. My eyes where trans fixed on his cock when ever I saw him like that. One day he noticed me looking and commented to Sheila how I was staring at his cock. They both laughed about it and Sheila asked if I wanted to suck Ted’s cock? I told them both no but they continued to razz me about it and threatened to have Ted fuck me in my  ass with his big cock.


One day Ted and I were having a few beers and getting kind of tipsy when Ted said he had to go take a pee. When he came back I had the balls to ask him how big of a cock he had? He asked if I wanted to see it and I told him sure. He took off his jeans and pulled off his underwear. His big cock sparing out and was not totally soft. He asked to see my cock and I striped just as he did but when I took my panties off my little cock hanged limp. He laughed when he saw my cock and said he could see why Sheila wanted his cock over mine. Ted continued with saying how my wife loved to be fucked with his cock. She seemed as if she could not get enough of it. He said she was a true cock hound when it came to his dick. We both had a chuckle at that and I had to agree with him. We continued to drink with just our t-shirts on talking about sex. He kept taunting me about sucking his cock, well one thing led to another and before I knew it I was sucking Ted’s cock.


Just then Sheila came walking in and seen me between Ted’s legs sucking his massive cock. I knew it she said, I knew you where a sleazy cock sucking faggot. Did he beg for your cock she asked Ted? No he just wanted to see it and then he started sucking it and I let him. I knew you where a dirty little fagot she sneered at me. A panty wearing, cock sucking faggot! Go on you girly faggot suck Ted’s cock she yelled at me. Suck it bitch she ordered so I continued to suck Teds cock as she yelled obscenities to me. Calling me a cock sucking faggot, how I was never a man. Cock sucking was all I was good for. No wonder you where alright wearing panties you faggot. I guess it is time sissy faggot dressed like the girl he is. When I pulled off for some air she told me to get that big cock back in my mouth until Ted shoots his load in your mouth cum eater. You better eat all of his cum you filthy bitch she scolded. Ted blew his load so fast and so much I could only swallow a small portion of it before I pulled off and spit it out. Sheila was pissed I did not gobble it all down and screamed at me to lick it all up as she slapped the back of my head, so I did as I was ordered to do.

Supervised Cocksucker

 After that display of dominance Sheila started to make me dress as a hooker. Putting gaudy makeup on me before order me to suck Ted’s cock to get it hard for her use. When he finished fucking my wife she ordered me to come an lick her pussy clean and suck Teds cock clean of cum. I always did as I was told and became the cleanup cum eating slut according to her. This was the normal thing every time they fucked. I dressed like a whore and fluffed Ted for her. They both started to walk around naked when at home. I was now dressing like a maid and my hair was getting long. Over time I developed a taste for Ted’s cock. I eagerly sucked his cock any chance I got, especially when Sheila was gone. Before I knew it Ted and I where having sex when ever possible not letting Shelia know anything about it.


One day both Ted and I had too much to drink again and he started to come on to me. I don’t know if it was the outfit I was wearing or if he was just drunk and horny. He grabbed me planted a big kiss on my lips then proceeded to remove my cloths. Then when he removed my panties he stayed on his knees and sucked my cock. This felt so good I had not had anyone touch my cock in almost two years. I shot my little load within less than a minute. Ted was surprised at the squirting I did so fast and spit it all out which did not bother me any. I finished Ted off before Sheila came home, sucking his big dick empty. Once she mentioned if she did not know better, she thought Ted and I where lovers. She laughed it off and walked away, Ted and I said nothing but just looked at each other. A year plus had passed and Ted and I where sucking each others cocks as often as we could. Then it happened, Sheila caught us having sex but not just me sucking Teds cock but actually caught Ted sucking my small cock. She was furious when she caught us. Yelling at us both calling us both gay faggots, cum drinking cock hounds, cock sucking faggots.


Sheila left that day and we divorced a few months later. After the divorce neither of us ever seen or heard from Sheila again. I continued to cross dress but more slutty as Ted requested. Ted and I became lovers and moved to a state where we could marry.  I now am passable and changed my name to Cindy. Looking like a girl with help of hormone therapy and huge implants. Ted has purposed to me and I have accepted. I still dress like a whore and Ted loves to take me out in public dressed as such. He enjoys all the looks we get from people. I told Ted I was happy my wife met him or we would have never become lovers. I like being Ted’s wife and just like Sheila, I love Ted’s big cock.


                                                                      Cindy L.

“SM” Sissy Maker

Tricked into becoming a Little Miss.



I had gotten into some bad trouble during my last year of high school. I had just graduated, my hair was long and I was parting like there was no tomorrow. My mother said maybe I should go stay the summer with my aunt and uncle. They lived several states away and in a really fancy house. They where loaded when it came to money. I figured it would be a very easy summer, sitting by there pool doing nothing all summer. Besides I had not seen my cousin in almost three years. He also was in deep trouble when I last seen him. I told my mother I would be happy to go to her brothers for the summer. Mother packed my bags and off I went to sit and relax in the sun with nothing to do but enjoy the summer.

When I arrived they where happy to see me so I knew it was going to be an easy ride staying there. I asked where David their son was, I had not seen him in years and he had graduated two years ago. He is not here his mother continued, he has a job over in the next state. What does he do I asked? He does child care and really enjoys it. Really, child care I asked? I took him for some engineer or something like that. Oh now he specialized in child care and has been doing it ever since school. I was really surprised at this, I never figured David to be the type to take care of children. I just said, well good for him as she lead me to my room.


She told me to unpack and settle in, we would be eating in an hour. I did as she said and put all my things in the closet and dresser. I had half an hour to kill so I put on my swim trunks and headed to the pool. I sat back and enjoyed the piece and quiet for a bit than jumped into the pool. About that time my aunt told me it was time to eat and I was to go change. While we where eating they brought up the trouble I had gotten in this past year. I told them I think my parents have it taken care of. Well maybe you should consider some schooling for a profession now that you have graduated. We finished eating and I did nothing the rest of the evening. Every day was like that with an occasional time I maybe would go with my aunt down town shopping. Most of my time was spent by the pool. The only person around to talk to was the pool guy who came in once or twice a week to clean the pool. He told me David just left one day and never came back. He had not seen him since he graduated from high school.

The summer was almost over and I was going on my fourth month at my aunt and uncles place. I asked when David was coming home? They said he was really busy and hardly ever had time off but he liked it that way. Then they asked if I was ready to go back home yet? I guess, I told them not really wanting to leave since I had it made here doing nothing. Well if you want to go back home we can make arrangements for this coming weekend. Have you given more schooling any thought she asked? No, not really I answered. If you want to consider some schooling you can take some classes here where David went. We could cover the coast for you if that would help. I thought what did I have to lose since they where paying for it. I had nothing back home to do so I figured why not.

The next morning at breakfast, my uncle told me they had talked to my parents. They thought it was a great idea I take some schooling. I did not need to take anything with me since this was a predominant privet school and they furnished uniforms to wear. I started to rethink this, I did not know if I wanted to go to a “predominant school” with a bunch of uppity kids thinking their shit didn’t stink. But then know there was nothing back home and my aunt and uncle where taking care the bill I figured I wasn’t out anything by giving it a try. They set things up and I was to start the next Monday.


We drove four hours to a secluded mansion in the mountains called “The Pansy House”. We were greeted at the front door by a gentleman who escorted us through the mansion to an office where a woman by the name of “Lady Fletcher” sat behind a huge desk. Welcome to pansy mansion she addressed us. Good to see you again Mr. and Mrs. Hanson. You must be Timmy we are expecting you. I have looked over your file and it looks to be all in order. Do you have any questions for me she asked. When I started to speak, my uncle spoke up and said, Tim is interested in completing some more schooling to better himself once he is out looking for a job. Very well we can do that for him. I started to speak again when Lady Fletcher cut me off saying you can drive around to the back of the mansion and follow the road up to the school, that will be all thank you. The gentleman escorted us back to our car and we drove up the road to the school.


Going around some curves and up a hill we arrived at the gates of the school. No one was around that I could see and thought it resembled more a prison than a school. The gates opened automatically and closed behind us. We walked up to the front door where a lady came and opened it for us and we walked to her office. You must be Timmy, we where expecting you. You will be required to follow all the rules and no back talking even if you do not agree with it. This is all done for your own good so you learn the properly how to conduct your self once you’re in the job world. You will be given a physical before you shower and we will determine at that time if you will need any vaccinations or any other shots as required. I asked what kind of classes do you offer? Well that is up to you which path you choose it is all based around your attitude. That did not answer anything, I thought to myself. You can go out into the hall and turn left. Walk down to the first door on your right, their you can sit in the waiting room until the doctor comes and gets you.

I headed out the door as my aunt and uncle said goodbye to me as they went out the front door. I entered the small waiting room and as the door closed I heard it lock. The door on the other side of the small room opened shortly there after and a doctor in a white trench coat told me I could come in and strip naked for my exam. I was told to stand facing him as he checked me over looking in my mouth ears and nose. He had me turn around as he continued his poking and feeling like a normal physical. Then he told me to be seated in the exam chair. The chair was covered in replicable paper to cushion the cool plastic upholstery from your skin. Soon as I sat down he reclined the chair and told me to put my feet in the stirrups. He checked my privet parts and anal cavity then my feet and legs. He told me He would be giving me several sots and two pills to take. After administering the medications I needed to have (what little hair I had) removed from my neck on down the rest of my body for sanitary purposes. I did not question it, I just went along with it so I could finish and get dressed.


I was taken threw the next door to a shower where I was told to hold my arms straight out to my sides and spread my legs. He told me he would be applying hair remover to my whole body from my neck down.  When he finished I had to wait for a few minutes before proceeding to the shower. He informed me  any hair I had will come off as I shower. Just as he said I watched my hair wash away until I was totally bare. I thought I looked funny having no crotch hair at all as he inspected to make sure I was hair free. While I dried off he informed me, my uniform was in the locker and I was to put all the clothing on. Once dressed I could go through the door on the other side of the room, then he unlocked the exam room door and exited.

I saw six lockers but only one had any clothing in it. I could not believe what I was to wear when I took it out and looked at it.  A flowered dress, that came down only to the top of my hips in my size which had girl panties. I figured there must have been a mistake, this was no uniform at all. Looking around there was nothing else in the room so I just sat their wondering what the hell was going on here.  After sitting for some time a voice came over the speaker asking if I would be much longer? I told them they made a mistake and gave me girl clothes to wear. The voice told me I had three minutes before I needed to be in the next room or receive disciplined for bad behavior.  So I had no choice but to wear the dame thing so I put it on and proceeded to the next room.


Entering the room feeling totally humiliated stood a lady who introduced herself as Miss. Williamson. I will be your first six months instructor and you will be required to do as your told and when your told to do something. Going forward I will not stand for any wasted time as you displayed in the locker room. You are required to be prompt and ready for class every day or receive strict discipline for according to your behavior. Your required to wear this type of uniform just as the rest of the first generation class does. Your classification in this physicality is panty sissy and your name now will be Daisy. You can follow me to your class and take a seat with the other panty sissies. I raised my hand to ask why I had to wear this outfit? I will address that once your seated in class. Right now they are writing what is expected of a pantie sissy and what they need to do to graduate to the next level as sissy girl. Walking into the class room there where around twelve others dressed in similar outfits. You can take a seat and we will get started.


She addressed the class to put down their pencils and listen up. We have a new panty sissy who has joined us her name is Daisy. The reason all of you are dressed like you are is because your all pantie sissies. Sissy boys need to dress the part to remind them they are not men. I raised my hand because I had another question. Miss Williamson told me their will be no questions unless asked. I put my hand back down as she continued her rant about who we are. You will all remain as pantie sissies until you earn your merits to move on to the next level as sissy girl. When you reach sissy girl you dress hem will lower to just expose your crotch and bum bottom. This signifies you’re a sissy girl and not a pantie sissy exposing your panties as they are now. Anyone not obeying the ruled will receive strict discipline which will put you into a diaper baby class. Now the reason your here is because you have chosen to school here or you have been placed her by a correctional agency. This is the only place that will keep you from doing prison time. All of you have been administered a drug to calm you and relax you. You will notice your quite comfortable dressed as sissies and your feeling comfortable being a panty sissy.  You will learn being a man was never in the stares for any of you. You will move through the three stages of education and become productive girls. None of you will leave here as boys or as a man of any sort, only primp and proper girls suitable for domestic chores.


The third phase of your education if you make it that far will be that of a girly girl. Your dress hem line will be lowered to below your panties as to not expose them at all. you will stay with your own group when ever all sissies are gathered in one area. You will learn in Panty sissy class your nothing but little sissies which will be reprogrammed to become good little sissy girls. Classes start at seven A.M. sharp no tardiness of any sort will be tolerated, not for any reason. Tardiness will be dealt with discipline, regressing you to sissy baby status. Listen and do as you are told. Potty breaks will be given hourly so be sure you come to class with an empty bladder. All of you have been given flower names and we will now have you each stand up where you’re sitting and give your name so the class knows who you are. You will address your self to the class as panty sissy followed by your flower name. Panty sissy Daisy may start and each take your turn followed by the next going down each row until everyone is finished. This took about five minutes and when we finished we all where to follow Miss. Williamson to out dorm rooms.

imagesB5Z5O00L        PinkPantyBoy          imagesA83TC66X             images3WN4D3XR

They were set up for two people to a room that consisted of one desk and a chair, two single beds, Love seat, a television behind glass in the wall, and a bathroom with tub, shower, sink, and a potty. A small set of dressers at the end of each bead with a small closet in the corner for each panty sissy. Most of which was done in white, yellow, and pink. When we went to our rooms we were told to keep dressed with what we had on and come to eat at six sharp in the cafeteria at the end of the hall. Miss. Williamson closed the door behind her as she walked out to take the rest of the panty sissies to their rooms. I was roomed with panty sissy violet and when I called her panty sissy violet she turned to me and said please just call me violet and not panty sissy when we are alone. I agreed and asked if we should look through our stuff starting with the closest. Both had six outfits in them all exposing the matching panties. The dressers held anklets, camisoles, training bras. The next drawer held several different color nighties that were see threw with matching see threw panties, another was all panties with the last drawer holding only bikini swim suits. We had a pair of sandals and a pair of slippers beside each dresser.


We sat down and talked about why we felt relaxed and had no desires to take off the humiliating outfits. Violet who as two years younger than I figured we must have been given a strong mind altering drug. Why are we being changed into girls Violet asked me. I don’t know I am guessing this is the alternative to going to prison. Where you in trouble before coming here I asked Violet? Yes, I commented a crime in which I never went to court for. My parents told me they had made arrangements and I was brought here two weeks later. Do you think they will remove our genitalia to make us real girls?

tumblr_njw2coGRDZ1r1fcyoo1_1280-725x552   130-103-eflex-500x500         hqdefault

Not as long as we do as they say and obey orders, at least I hope not. Just then a bell rang, looking at the wall clock it said five minutes to six. We better go eat Violet so we do not get in any trouble. Entering the hall we seen all the other panty sissies coming out of their rooms. We went through the lunch line and where told as we entered  the lunch room it was catered to keeping a slim figure. We had twenty minutes to eat , freshen up then report to our last class.

tumblr_onqvqvsHj21rhb25vo1_500    2977f3ed15dd1663f91dd8d17d40cfe4    tumblr_o3wivrop5G1ssypqgo1_500

Once in class Miss. Williamson told us we will be watching a discipline movie. This will be what happens to naughty panty sissies who do not listen to orders. The movie started and it was an instructor sitting behind a desk saying. Panty sissies will do as instructed or face discipline. Not all panty sissies are able to be come sissy girls and will regress from being panty sissies to baby sissies. You will wear diapers and plastic diaper covers. You will be kept in only plastic pants and diapers until your fully evaluated as to ware you fit in.

33194513310_bb480655e5_b           tumblr_omywcqv05T1rkbqkho1_1280           1414017089_98017

Some will be just sissy babies, others will become tit babies which will learn how to suck a nurse maid breasts which will eventually be replaced by penises. Some who continue to resist the system will be castrated, this is only done to calm the unruly sissy. Most of you will go on to the next level. If for any one reason you fail to obey any rule or guide lines you will be removed from you group and punished. Now here are some pictures of what can be expected when being punished.

IMG_0061       bdsmlr-167-XOlluWyErb1           imagesQ9ZQCVZA       imagesCXJ53QE1

I never ended up in discipline class ever but I seen some who had been taken and working out side in the garden dressed in only a halter top and a Chastity cock cage with an anal plug & a belt harness holding it in place with a lock on it so it could not be removed. Others were forced to come and re-leave our pent-up testosterone by sucking us all off once a week. These cum guzzlers as they were referred to, were led in on a collars and leash. We were brought to arousing erections as we stood waiting for the cum guzzlers to suck each of us. We lined up and they came by and sucked us dry of cum as they were led down the line by a master. They wore the same Chasity  and anal belt harnesses as the others but no tops only a remote-controlled dog zapping collar. When one of the cum guzzlers missed so much as a drip they were pulled away and shocked. The anal plug also shocked their asses. They yelped and listened contently as they where degraded then eagerly went for the next sissy girls cock. All the while trying to please their master by seeing who could suck the most sissy cocks.
                          3(m=eqw4mgaaaa)                               3_mature_sissies_suck_cock-3_tmb

All the classes curtailed being a sissy and when you did as you were instructed to do you became a panty sissy like I did. I hated it to start with but with classes which hypnotized you and made you do things you normally would not do, you become a panty sissy.  I eventually graduated into a sissy girl and then into a girly girl. I did not have any idea of how long I was there. When I was ready to graduate as a girly girl.,you are taken to a class and introduced to some of the graduates’ of Little Miss classes. These girls have full-time jobs and now live as girls. Remember my cousin David? Well his picture was on the class room wall as a graduate of the Little Miss class of 2010.

                                  4748                                        4762

Now I know the rest of his story and I was going to become a Little Miss if it was the last thing I ever do. with my mind-set on this I breezed through class with high grades. When my parents and David’s parents came to see me graduate. I felt good about who I had become. I was a beautiful Little Miss and I would recommend this schooling to every boy. Yes, I have no erections and have no desire for sex at all any more. However being a Little Miss I will not have to be subjected to being a play toy like some of the girly girls will become. Being a Little Miss will allow me to take jobs like take care of children as nannies do. Being a house maid and in rare cases get married and become a house wife.

 untitled                                                                                     Little Miss

“SM” Sissy Maker

Mother made me a sissy, I am happily married now.


qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqI was twelve years old when my mother caught me wearing her under clothes. She was a single parent rising a boy who she seen dressed as a girl. I was embarrassed when she walked in on me and I tried to justify do it. She smiled and told me to put every thing back when I was done. As soon as she left the room I took off every thing and dressed in my boy clothes. Returning to my own room I did not want to face mother after that.

Two hours went by and she called me down to eat. When I sat down and we were eating she asked if I put every thing back as she had asked. Not looking at her I told her yes. No more was said about the incident. A few days later when I came home from school I went to change out of my school clothes and found a pair of girl panties on top of my underwear. I picked them up and felt the satin material thinking they would feel good to wear but put them back in the drawer.



When I went for my jeans I found a girl dress which I took out and looked over before putting it back where I found it. The dress looked short but I did not look at it long in case mother would come in and catch me  with it.  I dressed in jeans and a T-shirt where I found a girls pink T-shirt with a sparkly unicorn on it. I did not try any of it the items on and was again embarrassed to have them in my drawers.  When I returned to the kitchen for a snack mother asked if I saw my new clothes she had bought for me. I said yes and said no more.

She made me a sandwich with a glass of milk and as I ate she told me it was alright if I wanted to dress in them around the house. I said nothing and just looked at the sandwich I was eating. Then she asked what I was going to do for the evening and if I had home work. I did not have home work but told her I was going to ride my bike. Just be back by six she told me so we can eat on time. Ok I said and left the house.

That evening when I was done with my bath she told me to put on the  nightie she had put on my bed. Upon entering my room I saw a top with matching bottoms. I did not want to wear it for fear of liking it too much. I could hear mother was coming to my room so I just sat on the bed in my underwear.


She stood in the door way and asked if every thing was alright? I told her I really did not want to wear it and she asked me why? I am a boy not a girl I told her. But you like dressing up and I bought these things for you. You do not have to wear them out side the house. These are for you to wear around the house when you feel like it. If you do not want to wear the  nightie at least try it on so I can see if it is your size. I figured that was a reasonable request so I slipped into the top and pulled on the matching shorts.  You look nice mother told me. How does it fit she asked a she came over to me and turned me around. Good I answered. She asked if I had room to move and told me to touch my toes which I did for her.


I was told I could keep it on if I wanted to as she left the room. I decided since it was just around the house I seen no reason not to wear it. I kept it on and every night after I wore it. About a week went by and when the weekend came I figured I would wear my new clothes Saturday. I go up and put on my panties which fit perfectly and so smooth I sprouted and erection. Then put on the dress but you could see my panty bottom due to it being so short. I hesitated leaving my room but they felt nice. Mother called me for breakfast and when I entered the kitchen dressed in my outfit. She smiled and told me not to spill on my clothes. I ate and we sat and talked about other clothes I might like to wear.


Over time I started wearing girl clothes around home more and more. I was less interested in going out to play or ride my bike. Mother started having me help her around the house. By age fifteen I was wearing girl clothes all the time, That summer when school let out she decided it was time for us to move. When we moved across the country I was introduced as her daughter in our new neighborhood. From then on I was her daughter. She taught me makeup and what to wear, how to match my lingerie and match outfits with shoes.

One day mother came to me and asked if I was interested in going on a date. I was now seventeen and surprised but admitted I did think about it a few times. But what would a boy think if he found out I was a girly boy I asked her? Well he should treat you like the young lady you are and if he tries anything fend him off she told me. Then she gave me some maze to put in my purse and said to use it if needed. After that I felt more comfortable and asked if she had some one in mind? Yes, she said a friend of hers had a son “who I had seen once or twice” and he was interested in you. She set the date up and he treated me like a lady and gave me my first kiss. I dated on and off over the next few years and never went out with the same guy twice.


Then I found Tom and when he found out I was a girly boy we sat and talked for hours. He was trans fixed on me as I was on him. We kissed but it felt different from when I had kissed other guys. This felt like the havens opened up and I touched the stars. It was as if I had an out of my body experience. I was in love with Tom and he with me.

12345678901111111111111111When he felt my bulge I almost climaxed right then and their. We married six months later and now live in a nice house over looking the ocean. Tom treats me like a princess and we are very happy. Thanks Mother for raising me as a sissy girl. I could not imagine any life being better than the one I have now.


“SM” Sissy Maker

Cleanup duty for wife’s business trip.

llllllllllllllllllllllllHere is some background. My wife has kept me as a sissy cuckold for the past five years and I have adjusted to it around home. I dress as a sissy house wife and do not have intercourse with her. I take care of the house and daily chores. She has a real Man who takes care of her sexual needs. I am not adjusted to being out in public as a sissy.


We took a short weekend trip for her business. She drove the 570 mile one way trip. I was along because as she told me she need me for “cleanup”.  We arrived Friday evening around four pm. I was dressed in a tank top, bikini shorts, bobby socks, and tennis. I felt ashamed when ever I was out in public but did not carry on since I did not want to make a seen in public. Maybe I should say I did not want my wife to make a seen out in public over me. Which she would do if I acted up in any way.

We checked into our room and she called her boss as I brought in our luggage. Her boss was in the same Hotel as us and only a few doors down. They where going to get together in the dinning area and eat while discussing tomorrows agenda. I was given the car keys to go buy something to eat else wear.

I returned to the room around seven that night and my wife did not come in until around 11:30 with her boss. I was told to go take a long bath which I did. I knew he was going to have a quickie with my wife before he turned in for the night. I could here there sex making even though the door was closed. I was called upon when they finished. I quickly dried off and returned to the bedroom. My wife lay with her legs spread and her pussy full of oozing cum. Do your job cuck and clean Dale’s cock before he leaves.


Dale was standing with a half erect cock finishing his drink. I kneeled before him and licked, then sucked his cock clean.  Like always I than thanked Dale for fucking my wife. My wife told me my reward was waiting. I knew the reward was her freshly filled pussy. I turned and focused my attention to her oozing, cum filled pussy. While I licked and sucked Dales cum from her slick wet pussy, they talked about meeting for breakfast. Then Dale left and my wife asked if I was finished yet. I told her not yet. Well hurry us I need to get to bed, I have a long day tomorrow.


“Dale had shot more cum than normal, filling her full. If she leaked any when she stood I would be taken to the local adult book store for my punishment. This may be anal sex with a stranger or blow jobs for strangers until she decided I was done. I hated this punishment.

While I was finishing licking her swollen, reddened pussy. I was told to make myself available around 12:30 to 1:30 tomorrow as Dale and her would be having another noon time quickie. I would have to do clean up faster tomorrow. Understand she asked? Yes, I will be here waiting I answered as I got up from clean up duty. Good she replied. Then she want and showered for before bed time.


The next morning she was gone by 7:00 am. I had the day to myself but would not leave the room. My other outfit was another Mid drift long sleeve sweeter, white yoga pants and white heels that strapped around my ankles.  I did not want to be seen in public as the sissy I had become.


Noontime came as just as she stated, her and her boss showed up for a quickie.  I sat in the chair and watched as he filled her sexual cravings. I thanked Dale for pleasuring my wife then cleaned the cum from his fat cock. He was out the door as I was doing a fast clean up on my wife. “Get it all she told me” I do not want any leakage while at our meeting. Yes dear, as I dug beeper with my tung and she pushed every drop out. Licking it all up and then licking the outer area and kissing her swollen pussy as an indication I was finished.

I handed her clothes, one item at a time as she dressed and informed me of the evening plans. The day was quite and I took advantage of it to sleep since I knew it could be a late night. She came back around 7:00 pm. to shower, change outfits and freshen up. Once more I was told to be available from 9:00 pm. on. She told me the new clients will be visiting our room and I would need to have it picked up and tighty.

Around 11:15 pm. the first guy came in with my wife. I was introduced as her sissy cuck husband. I bowed to her new suitor as she told him I would be the cum clean up boy. While he asked what that curtailed, she told him I has a small cook and was only good for cum clean up. He laughed then salience over took the room until I heard her moan loudly when he entered her. Ten minutes later my wife called me to duty. Her suitor was dressing already when she stopped him and told me to clean his cock. He had at least an nine or ten inch long cock. It was about two inches round as I tried to get half of it in my mouth.


When he left my wife laid back on the bed with her legs on the floor. I planted my lips over her pussy as she pushed his cum into my mouth. I was told to hurry and clean her up before she was missed at the party. This was repeated two more times with two different men before she told me I was done for the night. This was around 1:00 am. I was informed she would be sleeping with her boss for the night and would be back in the morning for her cleaning.


When the morning came I had her outfit laid out for her and my stuff packed. I was playing with myself when she came in. Quit that you pervert and clean me up.  She was to wear a dress blouse and above the knee dress skirt.  When she asked me how I liked the first guys cock she brought back to the room? I told her it was a very nice cock and I was happy she had the chance to experience such a manly cock. I know she replied, as she lay back for me to start my morning cleaning of her used pussy. His name was Ted, she told me as I licked away like a starved dog at her pussy. He told me you did a nice job sucking his cock. Thank you I replied.


I would like Ted to be a regular lover of mine, along with Dale of cores. Would you like cleaning his magnificent cock she asked? Stopping for a moment to answer, I would be honored to have him as your suitor and to suck his big cock. I figured you would like his cock, too bad your cock is worthless. Sorry I replied. I wished Ted would have sex with you as offen as you desire. I am sure you would really get a good screwing from such a big cock I told her. Then I continued my cleanup duty.


She showered and dressed as I packed up the car for the trip home. She was drained so I was to drive as she took a much needed sleep. I asked if she had any stops planed for the way home. I was told to stop at the local porn shop, she wanted to buy me a present for doing such a good job sucking Teds cock. I asked what it was going to be? A anal plug for you to wear around the house. I do not know why but my cocklit grew in my leggings. She noticed my little point in my pants and said, you like that I see. I felt myself turning red, yes it will be fun I answered

sissy cuckold.

“SM” Sissy Maker.

Watch out what you wish for.

untitledI married a few years out of school. Falling in love with a girl who was very open minded and fun to be with.  After a few years I asked f she would be interested in having a bigger cock for her pleasure. This would be only once in a while. Naturally she said no but I kept working on her until  she finally agreed to it. She was the one who would pick the stud she wanted. I was alright with that, so we set a weekend to go out cock hunting for her. Well it did not take long, the second bar she had her eye on a manly man who intimidated me as soon as I saw him. You shure you want him I asked hoping to sway her away from him. Yes he is the one and after another drink I am going to go get him. I sat and watched as she went up and started flirting with him. After a half hour of her standing by him talking and a few looks my way and his hands caressing her back. They came over to the table and sat for one drink which he bought. We took him back to our room we had for the night. I was told by her to sit in the chair and I could watch but that was all.


He had a magnificent cock which put my little wiener to shame. She rode his cock and had three orgasms in about fifteen minutes. She had never had more than one orgasm when with me. He blew his load in her pussy and it dripped out of her as she climbed off his cock. They rested and we had another drink which I served them as she laid cuddled up to him. She asked me if I enjoyed the show? I said I did. Well is that what you wanted a nice cock to fill me? Yes, I said looking down. Well he surly out performs you and has a nice cock as she stroked it while he took another sip of his drink. Then she ask something I never even thought about, Can he spend the night dear? I really like his big cock and want it in me a couple more times if that is alright. I agreed to it and she slept with him in his bed after he pounded her pussy again. I was awaken to the sounds of my wife taking another cock pounding. When he finished my wife asked if I wanted to suck his cock? Stunned I said, No! How about cleaning me up? You like to like pussy. I answered again, No!

On the ride home my wife told me I had to change and do some things she wanted me to do. She was not going to have this all one way. You may want to start sucking on my dildoe or at least try eating my cream pie. After all it was your idea and I think you need to give in and do something for me. Which would you prefer doing? Licking me clean or sucking cock? I would like to see you suck my lovers cock. No! I answered. I might try licking you after words, I answered shaking as I answered her. Not knowing what I really just said I did not figure she would hold me to it.

images7P6XFAU8The next time we had sex she told me how big and full he made her pussy feel and in no time I shot my load as she chuckled over how fast I climaxed. While I still was laying on top of her trying to recover she told me to get down and lick her clean. I told her no way I was going to do that. I held my ground as she tried to persuade me. When I wanted sex the next time she told me no not until you do as your told. Then she told me she was going out with the girls for a while. This killed me as I sat home thinking she was out looking for cock now.


She came home and she asked me if I had changed my mind yet?  Why I asked, did you find another cock tonight? No, she answered but if you want to clean my pussy after wards I will let you stick that little thing in me. Hearing I had a chance to screw her my cock became hard. I was allowed to do her and again filled her as soon as she climaxed and was forced with hands full of my hair to go down on her. Little did I know this was going to be the norm every time we had sex. The next time she was plowed with a big cock. I did my duty as her lover laughed at me eating his cum from her fresh used pussy. This is how it is now and she has a new cock once a month.

Cum eater.

“SM” Sissy Maker



Vacation Sissy.


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I would like to give a bit of back ground history. My name is Dave, I have been cross-dressing since age of 12. I married my wife when I was 20. Christy was age 22 when we married. Chris knew of my cross-dressing and would let me dress on weekends. We have been married for three years…

This started when I wanted to take a vacation to the Black Hills for a week. Chris was not interested in the mountains and preferred we go to the Gulf Coast instead for the week. I begged her to go to the Black Hills and she finally agreed. She packed for both of us and we departed on Saturday morning.

We checked into our room one day into our trip. When I took my shower after we came back from eating. I was stunned when I came out to find the only clothing she packed for me was my cross-dressing outfits. No male clothing at all other than the shorts and tank top I arrived in. While I was in the shower she took all my male items I had worn and locked them in the car trunk including my tennis.

I was told when I asked what the hell was going on, that if she had to come to do what I wanted I had to do what she wanted. I would be dressed in la-fem the whole time on vacation. I told her I would not pass as a female and I had never been in public cross-dressed. Chris told me she could add some makeup to make me passable. I was thin and did have a kind of girly figure with very little hair on my arms and legs with none at all on my chest. I could go for three days before I needed to shave a shadow of any hair on my face.


My outfits which she had bought more of consisted of Wigs, Short skirts, short shorts, yoga pants, tights, camisoles, T-shirts, panties, socks, sandals,  girl tennis, and some heels. I had three nighties with matching panties for bed time. I thought I was going to have a panic attack as my vacation seemed to fade away. After settling down just a little she showed me what she could do with my hair and a little makeup. I was surprised how passable I looked. Still not convinced I removed the makeup and put on one of my nighties and we went to bed.


The next morning I dressed for the day wearing short shorts, tennis and a tank-top. My hair, makeup, and nails all polished including my toe nails. I was still nervous going to the car to leave and when we stopped to eat. When I realized everyone seen me as a girl and gave no reaction, I felt better. By time we arrived at our destination and checked into our room I was feeling a lot better. Knowing I pulled it off made me feel more confident in myself.

The next day we where going to head out and do some sight-seeing. Beings it was a cool morning my wife suggested I wear my yoga pants. I did as she suggested with another T-shirt and tennis. We traveled the whole day seeing beautiful sights. The day did warm up to the high eighties and it was hot. My wife took a couple of pictures of me and I took some selfies, the day turned out to be a lot of fun other than the heat.


The next day was going to be even hotter, into the nighties. I wore my panties short skirt, socks and tennis with a tank top and a sports bra under it. I found myself wearing just the sports bra and when a breeze came up it would blow up my skirt exposing my pink panties. I learned to hold it down even though it only happened twice, I wished I had wore shorts instead. I did get some looks from some young men which made me feel embarrassed but happy at the same time.

The week went on about the same way until we went to a local bar the last night we where their. I protested and did not want to go out to a bar. I was going to wear my yoga pants but every thing was dirty so I has to wear a pair of very short shorts. I had been avoiding to wear them due to how short they where. My wife told me with a camisole I would look hot, which was what I was avoiding. I had a dressy tank top I wore instead.

13                     11

We had a couple of drinks and just as we where finishing the last one, two men came and asked if they could join us. My wife said yes with out so much as a hesitation. They asked where we where from, and other small talk. Now my voice was not girly sounding so I just smiled and answered shook my head avoiding talking. After one more drink I was ready to go and my wife sensing this by my actions told them we had to leave. They asked if we could go to another bar across town? My wife smiled and told them we had to get up early tomorrow and leave for home. They insisted and my wife gave in saying okay but only for one drink.

The tall guy Tim, took my wife’s hand and the other guy Ben, put his arm around my waist as we walked to our car. Ben said you shure don’t talk much. You don’t need to be afraid of us. We just want to go out and enjoy some company while doing so. We drove our own car following them. I asked why she accepted the offer? She said they mean no harm and since it was our last night we should enjoy it a little. Arriving at the bar, we found out they had a live band. The guys ordered us all drinks as we sat and they talked, me not saying anything.

10We continued to drink and after three more I was feeling no pain  and I could see my wife was slowing down taking smaller sips. Then Ben asked me to dance? Slurring the words I said no thanks. Ben grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor before I could finish saying the words. We danced a slow song and he held me tight, but before we finished he had his hands on my ass squeezing my butt cheeks. By now the booze took over and I let him do it without trying to stop him. We walked back to the table and sat back down. Tim asked if we would like to go out and have a bite to eat. Chris told them no thanks and we had to be going.

Getting up I was a little unstable and Ben took ahold of me, helping me walk to the car. Once at the car he turned and hugged me and gave me a kiss on my lips which I responded kissing him back in return. While driving back to our room my wife said, I see you kissed Ben with no resistance. Did you like it she asked? Yes, I said with a slur. It was alright. Giggling my wife said you would become a slut if I let you wouldn’t you? Probably I answered. Well maybe your chance will come on our next vacation Chris said. I was about to fall asleep when we arrived at our motel.

When the morning came and we where getting ready to leave, Chris told me to wear my mini skirt and a camisole for the ride home. Feeling the effects of last night I was not going to argue with her so I dressed as she asked. Riding in the passenger’s seat she asked me to hike up my dress so she could see my little panties bulge. I did as she asked and she started talking about last night. Asking about the kiss and my ass being grabbed, it did not seem like I tried to resist any. No I didn’t, I told her. Maybe we should have taken them back to our room. Would you have liked that she asked? No I answered. Are you shure? It looked like you where enjoying it all. Now my cock sprain to attention and she pointed my little tent out to me.


Now I knew why I was to expose my panty covered bulge. Maybe on our next trip you will change your mind, because I can tell you want to Chris said.


I am afraid to go on another trip with Chris. I know all to well I will be having sex with a man.

Girly Dave.

“SM” Sissy Maker

I make my husband cross dress & eat his cum.


My hubby would never kiss me after I sucked his cock. I now have him eating his cum from my pussy. This developed over some time by my stipulations. I complained about him not kissing me during sex. He told me he could not do it after I had sucked on his cock. I fixed this by slowly over time holding out and not letting him have sex. When he was so frustrated I would tell him we will have sex only if you promise to kiss me during sex. H finial agreed to it and after I sucked him to an erection I gave him a big kiss with tung. He acted as if he was going to choke and then he started to gage. I laughed at him as he carried on, we never did have sex that night. I decided to feminize him douring this time also. He accepted this just like he accepted eating his own cum.

tumblr_oeqpjnP9Nf1teqscro4_r1_540                                            tumblr_orl0biQyuS1wofj74o1_1280

I continued to do this until he could accept wearing lingerie and kissing with out gaging and we had sex. Next I would with hold sex until he was so frustrated and then I would give him a blowjob but only if he would cross dress. Once I swallowed his load I would try to kiss him. This took a long time before he gave in to giving me a kiss. Slowly I would try to give him tung but this took a long time before I was able to do that. I finally succeeded in doing that and then tried to give him a snowball but he was not having anything to do with that at all. Over time and withholding sex which is a powerful tool. After all I did get him to cross dress. He gave into only the tung and kissing but nothing more. Like I said sex is a powerful tool and I finally forced him into licking my pussy only after he had his dick in me for a bit. Once more I worked on him until he one day wanted sex so bad I told him when he agrees to licking his mess out of me he could have sex. If he did not go through with it I would see to it that we waited an extra two months, each time adding it to the last. The last wait ended up one and  half years.


I informed him if he did not lick me clean afterwards I would find another lover. Not a sissy like he was with a little dick. He went down after he shot his load and I spread wide. He licked all around the outside and I finely grabbed his head and planted my pussy on his mouth grinding his face into it.  After holding him there for a bit and squeezing his head between my legs he started licking. I widened my legs so he could get full access and he slowly on lick at a time cleaned me out. The first one took a long time for the poor boy to finish but he has become used to it now.


These days he cleans me up with out hesitation and finishes up is a short time. He has to cross dress and lick me clean every time or no sex. Now going on over a year with him doing cleanup duty after he has completed ejaculation and with no complaints. Mater of fact I believe he enjoys it now and he dresses without me telling him to.  That is how I did it and I know this may not work for everyone but it did for me.

Happy Wife.

“SM” Sissy Maker